The Future Games Show Summer Showcase is back with a bang this June, and here's where and when to watch

The Future Games Show Summer Showcase logo.
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Roll up for the greatest gaming extravaganza known to humankind, beast and Lovecraftian abomination alike: the Future Games Show Summer Showcase will return on June 8. Following on from the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, watched live by 8.5 million people, the event will feature over 40 upcoming games across PC and something called consoles. 

Hosted by PC Gamer's sister site GamesRadar+, the Future Games Show Summer Showcase will air on June 8 (exact time tbc) and can be watched on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, X / Twitter, and TikTok.

The Future Games Show aims to help players discover something new, and the Spring Showcase included nine world premieres among the running order. The highlight for me, though it's mainly the name I must admit, was the sequel to Fights in Tight Spaces: Knights in Tight Spaces

As for the Summer Showcase, we're promised "the biggest, most varied show yet" as well as "demo drops" and exciting hosts. Last time they had Samantha Béart—aka Karlach, PC Gamer's preferred tiefling barbarian—and Final Fantasy 16 voice actor and verifiable meme Ben Starr, so it'll be some going to top that.

"The Future Games Show Summer Showcase is a fantastic way to see new games," says content director Dan Dawkins. "Every show’s multi-format games line-up is painstakingly hand-curated, with a growing reputation for celebrating innovation, and titles that defy genres. A city builder for worshippers of Cthulhu? We’ve got your back. From fresh updates on AAA blockbusters, to debuts of daring indies, we showcase them all on the Future Games Show."

So get ready to tune in on June 8 and see the Summer in games showcased. If nothing else, it will whet your appetite good and proper for this year's spectacular PC Gaming Show.

Rich Stanton

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