The fantasy sequel to Fights in Tight Spaces is just called Knights in Tight Spaces, and it has a demo out now

Get ready for some close-up card-driven brawling, because battler Fights in Tight Spaces has a sequel-spinoff coming: Knights in Tight Spaces, a fantasy themed throwdown that'll have you take a party of ruffians engaging in a tactical brawl against not just action movie mooks like the first game, but skeletons and wizards and rock monsters.

It's just as stylized as the first game was, though definitely refined into something even prettier than before, with a hybrid kind of lined and woodcut print looking aesthetic that's much easier to read than the prior game's black-and-red-on-white.

"Knights in Tight Spaces is a tactical deckbuilding game in the same universe as Fights in Tight Spaces, the successful game by Ground Shatter. It is a standalone title that sends us back to medieval times, building on the much-loved gameplay in new and dynamic ways," says the developer.

The first game was notable for its use of tight terrain maps over the deckbuilding layer, forcing you into tricky tactical choices that had you carefully placing characters over and around obstacles and enemies. The combination of turn-based tactics and deckbuilding has been done before, but Fights in Tight Spaces had a pretty unique twist on it.

"Smashing an armed goon’s head against the wall before launching his buddy out of a third story window doesn’t sound particularly strategic on paper, but the small-scale turn-based combat of Fights in Tight Spaces transforms even the simplest enemy encounter into an intricate puzzle box where the only solution is your fists," said writer Dashiell Wood in the 83/100 Fights in Tight Spaces PC Gamer review.

You can find Knights in Tight Spaces on Steam, complete with demo that you can try out right now.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.