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Wuthering Waves codes - All of the characters posing
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May 28, 2024: We checked for codes and added details about the Voucher of Reciprocal Tides to the list.

Wuthering Waves codes are one of the easiest ways to get Astrite in the new Genshin-esque free-to-play RPG, plus a load of other free resources. What's Astrite you ask? Well, this is the premium currency which you use to pull for characters—or Resonators as the game calls them—letting you build and add powerful new fighters to your party. 

Though you can farm up Astrite by doing your dailies and completing quests, it makes sense to squirrel away as much as you can for when a character you want appears—these codes are a nice little bonus you can add to that ever-growing stockpile. If Wuthering Waves is anything like other gacha RPGs, the most powerful characters will be introduced in subsequent updates, so it's best not to splurge all your free Astrite at once.

Here I'll run through all currently available Wuthering Waves codes, plus I'll explain how to redeem them lower down the page. It's unclear whether Wuthering Waves will have livestream codes as well in future, but if it does, I'll also include those in this guide. It's worth noting that only one of the three codes that appeared before launch is currently working—the other two are currently in the inactive list in case they eventually work.

Wuthering Waves codes

  • WUTHERINGGIFT - 50 Astrite, two Premium Resonance Potions, two Medium Revival Inhalers, two Medium Energy Bags, and 10,000 Shell Credits
  • Echo Starter Pack - One Incomplete Class Echo, ten Premium Tuners, and five Advanced Sealed Tubs (You can get this code if you're playing on Epic Games. Claim the pack via the link, collect the code from your Epic account email, and redeem it like usual) 

Alongside the rewards that Kuro Games are sending via in-game mail, you can also get a free five-star character using the Voucher of Reciprocal Tides. You'll find this attached to an in-game mail called '[Rewards] A Special Thanks From Wuthering Waves Dev Team'. Once claimed, use it to get a five-star of your choice with the Giveback Custom Convene banner in the convene menu.

Inactive codes


How to redeem Wuthering Waves codes 

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The quickest way to redeem your Wuthering Waves codes is through the game itself. You'll need to be at least Union Level 2, but you'll reach that after completing the initial section with Chixia and Yangyang plus the first boss encounter.

Here's how to redeem codes in game:

  • Launch Wuthering Waves
  • Open the in-game menu
  • Click the 'Settings' cog icon in the bottom right corner
  • Select the 'Other Settings' icon in the bottom left—this is represented by the spanner in a box symbol
  • Click the Redeem option in the Redemption Code box
  • Copy a code from the list into the box and redeem
  • Claim your rewards from the in-game mailbox

Be warned that the mail containing your rewards will be deleted after two weeks, so make sure to claim them straight away when they arrive. Unlike miHoYo games, Wuthering Waves doesn't have a code redemption website, so this is your only method of getting the rewards.

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