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Fortnite's Tomato Town replaced with an ancient temple dedicated to our beloved leader

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As part of Fortnite's v5.30 content update, we didn't just get the new rift-to-go throwable and Score Royale LTM, but an entirely new point of interest. Tomato Town, the cutest lil landing spot is gone. In its place is Tomato Temple, a much larger and more complex area built in honor of what once was lost. 

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Near the end of Season 4, Tomato Town's mascot disappeared through a rift. While many of the signs returned eventually, Tomatohead has been missing for the bulk of Season 5. Just last week a stone tomato effigy appeared through the portal, and today, we found out where big red's been. Apparently, wherever the grinning goon went, his juicy mug was pretty enough for the locals to build a temple of stone in his honor. 

That temple in its entirety was pulled back through, splitting the earth from the house west of Tomato Town all the way to the pizza restaurant. It's a denser area now with more variations in elevation and plenty more loot than before—the ideal landing spot.

Alongside the new point of interest, new challenges are available for anyone that bought the Tomatohead skin. Complete them and you'll unlock a skin variant fit for Fortnite's one true king. Don't tell the Durr Burger crew. Take a look at the challenges and new face of Tomatohead below. 

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