Fortnite rolls out portable Rift-To-Go and Score Royale LTM

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As our Samuel Horti reported yesterday, Fortnite's next item is a pocket rift that teleports you skywards (opens in new tab). Then, it was "coming soon". Today, it's here—alongside the return of the Playground limited-time mode, and a host of other nips and tucks courtesy of update v5.30. 

As very briefly teased in the trailer up top, the Rift-To-Go lets players conjure rifts on the fly, for personal use and for squads. A few scenarios play out above, but I reckon the best fit is the first—getting the drop on unsuspecting foes. "Escape danger or dive into it," says Epic in the latest update's patch notes (opens in new tab). "The Rift-To-Go is any player’s ace in the hole, creating a Rift for themselves and allies. Be careful that no enemies follow you through."

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Found in chests, vendies, supply drops and loot llamas, the portable portals can be carried in your inventory and deployed immediately. Once set, each rift remains in place for ten seconds. As you might expect, they're of Epic rarity, and come in stacks of one with a max stack size of two. 

Elsewhere, v5.30 tweaks BR's Playground limited-time mode. With more ramps, new rifts and a "couple dozen" new ATKs, players have plenty to get on with inside their 60-minute window. Score Royale, on the other hand, lets players earn points by collecting coins, opening loot containers and eliminating other players. "The first to cross the High Score threshold wins the Victory Royale," says Epic. 

Here's the mode's score chart:

On the Save the World front, its Horde Challenge enters week 3, and the new Bundlebuss Assault Rifle promises "lots of damage and plenty of ammo". The latter looks like this:

More on all of the above, plus update v5.30's list of bug fixes and quality of life adjustments can be read here (opens in new tab)

And before you go—remember the Fortnite Blockbuster contest James reported on back in July (opens in new tab)? The following awesome short—titled 'Prepare For Collision'—from Janthony (opens in new tab) come out on top, and will premiere at Risky Reels in-game.