Fortnite Season 6 skins leaked, werewolf teaser revealed

Fortnite Season 6 drops tomorrow and Epic released one final teaser to mark the occasion. This one depicts a damn werewolf, and seeing that all previous season teasers have been battle pass skins, it looks like a brand new generation of teen wolves will soon arrive to carry the torch. 

And as is tradition lately, full body images of new skins were reportedly leaked on the PlayStation store. Dug up by the folks at Fortnite Intel, the image depicts two skins from the first two teasers as well as a third llama-rider costume. Fortnite Intel claims the image is legit (it happened last season too), and if it is the skins are certainly getting more elaborate. Note the puppy on the llama DJ's back. Pets as back bling might be a thing now, too. 

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James Davenport

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