Fortnite Meteoric Rise mission list: How to get the Scientist skin

The latest mission set from Fortnite, the Meteoric Rise mission, tasks you with dealing with a bunch of Rift Zones around Fortnite's map. Thankfully, you get a really awesome reward for it all: The new Scientist skin, which is definitely related to the Visitor, the time traveler from way back in Season 4, and who's currently running around the map setting up rift beacons.

Anyway, here's the full list of challenges you need to finish in order to get the Scientist skin. Remember, only the first three are available, so you'll have to start with those before the others begin to open up.

Fortnite Meteoric Rise mission list

Destroy structures with Junk Rifts (10 total)

-  The Junk Rifts are one of Fortnite's newest items, and they basically summon a rift of trash falling from the sky, all of which will hopefully land on whoever you throw at it. This should work pretty well on enemy players walking around in B.R.U.T.E. mechs.

Visit different Rift Zones in the same match (3 total)

- You've got Rift Zones at Retail Row, Moisty Palms, Loot Lake, Greasy Grove, and Tilted Town. If you want to knock this one out as easily as possible, start in Greasy Grove and work your way north to Tilted Town and Loot Lake.

Eliminate opponents in Rift Zones (7 total)

Search chests or ammo boxes in Rift Zones (20 total)

Land in a Rift Zone and place Top 10 in Solo, Duos, or Squads (1 total)

Consume Glitched Foraged items with different effects (4 total)

- Consult our previous guide to finding Fortnite's mushrooms and other glitched items. There's at least one area in the map that should have enough different items for you to finish this in one go.

Touch a giant glowing cube, enter the Rift above Loot Lake, and search a landing pod within a meteor (3 total)

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