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Fortnite Blockbuster missions guide

Fortnite season 10 week 5 challenges
(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite Blockbuster challenges are the latest set of weekly missions to arrive in the seminal battle royale game. The cinematic theme has come at an appropriate time of year, too: what better time to hide away in a dark room watching films or racking up Victory Royales than when the sun's out.

As we've come to expect from season X, we have our normal set of challenges to get us started, and then some Prestige quests when those are all done. They see us hunting down some secret items in villainous lairs and superhero hangouts, and we're here to help you get the rewards you're looking for. You're going to want to get as many unlockable goodies before Fortnite season 11. Yes, it's almost that time already.

Fortnite Blockbuster challenges list

Before we get to the meat of this list, we must thank the leaker who has given us a sneak peek at the challenges before they've hit the live game: @Lucas7Yoshi. Since the following is leaked information, remember it is possible they will change. Anyway, here they are:



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