Fortnite Aquaman challenges: Where to complete the swimming time trial at Dirty Docks

fortnite aquaman challenges swimming time trial dirty dock
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The Aquaman skin challenge for Fortnite Chapter 2 season 3 week 4 (phew) is here, and this time you'll be heading to Dirty Docks (what's left of it) and going for a swim. Specifically, a swimming time trial that will test your aquatic abilities. Don't forget that you can find all past Fortnite Aquaman challenges here if you've missed one.

But this challenge can be a... well, challenge, just to find, especially if you haven't visited Dirty Docks much lately. That's understandable, since season 3 flooded the whole map.

We've gone ahead and laid out exactly where you need to go to complete the swimming time trial, and listed a few tips on how to finish it without pulling your hair out.

First, head to Dirty Docks on the east side of the map. It's mostly submerged nowadays, so remember it's just north of where Brutus' grotto location was last season.

Here's a map showing the location of Dirty Docks, in case you forgot.

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Once you're there, head for the two orange cranes at the southern end of the location. See that motorboat (not the yellow tug boat) hanging from one of the crane's hooks? In that general area, you'll find a light circle sort of hanging in the air right above the water. It's pretty easy to miss, but if you interact with that, you'll start the swimming time trial.

You've now got about 20-25 seconds to touch all the white circles that appear over the waterline. It's a fairly straightforward challenge. You'll of course want to start with the first one closest to you, heading away from the orange crane.

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Your best bet is to continually use the diving move to get a quick speed boost. If you're about to turn, it can throw you off course, but make sure to use it liberally on any straight paths.

Even with some expert swimming, the window for success in this time trial is pretty tight. You'll most likely clench it with less than a couple seconds left, so make sure to swim as fast and as straight as possible. Any dawdling will probably result in failure, and you'll have to swim back to the initial starting point.

Reward: For your trouble, you'll get the Supreme Shell back bling, and you'll be one step closer to finishing the Aquaman challenges.

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