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Mafia 3's driving model inspired by Bullitt

In the 1960s, car chases would break out every time you popped out to the grocers, or to pick the kids up from school, so I'm glad Mafia 3 isn't overlooking that aspect of '60s life in its quest for verisimilitude. Following that barnstorming story trailer comes a less barnstormy video showing off how driving works in Mafia 3. It aims to be authentic, as expected, but not so authentic that you won't be able to engage in the odd Hollywood-style car chase now and again. Basically, get behind the wheel and you're Steve McQueen out of Bullitt. Man, how great is Bullitt? Forget Mafia 3, and have a watch of that famous car chase:

Readers: what's your favourite film car chase? I remember (Sly Stallone's best film that isn't Rocky) Cobra having a good one too: