How to complete the Kenneth Haight quest in Elden Ring

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Looking to complete the Elden Ring Kenneth Haight quest? You can find this loud-mouthed noble of Limgrave early on in the game, but as with many Elden Ring quests, the steps required to actually finish his story are a little more elaborate. For a long time Kenneth Haight's quest didn't even have a conclusion, but it was added in a patch not long after launch. 

The quest itself is pretty short, and you can get the majority of it done before you leave the starting area. There are a few prerequisites to complete it though, and you'll need to progress almost to the end of the game to see its conclusion and get the reward. Here's how to complete the Kenneth Haight quest in Elden Ring, and where to find him.

Elden Ring Kenneth Haight quest location 

You first meet Kenneth to the north of the Mistwood area in East Limgrave. Head along the road south from the Agheel Lake North site of grace, across the bridge, and take the north road until you see a ruined archway. You'll hear Kenneth shouting for help from the top of it. When you talk to him, he'll ask you to retake Fort Haight at the southernmost tip of East Limgrave.

When you get to the fort, watch out for the ballista above the barricades, the Pumpkin Head at the entrance, and the fire bomb throwers once you go through the main gate. To complete the quest, you'll have to defeat the Godrick Knight at the top of the fort. Watch out for his bleed attacks. Defeating him rewards you with the Bloody Slash ash of war, and you can also loot one half of the Dectus Medallion from a chest at the top of the tower.

Return to Kenneth and he'll hand over the Erdsteel Dagger as a thank you. He'll also ask you to pledge your service to him. If you refuse, you can speak to him again to change your mind, otherwise, accept his offer to continue his questline and he'll tell you to meet him at Fort Haight where he'll knight you.

If head straight to Fort Haight and talk to him without progressing further into the game, he'll tell you he can't knight you until a new ruler has been found for Limgrave. If you don't want an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone or don't plan on pursuing Nepheli's quest, you can kill him at this point to get a Golden Seed.

How to complete Kenneth Haight's quest 

To trigger the next step, you need to progress further into the game. You'll have to get Nepheli's quest to the point where you give her the Stormhawk King item that you get from the Chapel of Anticipation. To do this, you'll also have to pursue Roderika's questline to the point where she can use Spirit Tuning, after you meet her in the Stormhill Shack.

After you defeat Morgott, the Omen King, head back to the throne room of Stormveil Castle, just past where the Godrick boss fight was. You should find Kenneth Haight, Nepheli, and Gostoc. Nepheli will give you an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, and Gostoc will sell you an additional one.


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