How to complete the Seluvis quest in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Seluvis
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I completely missed Seluvis's quest in Elden Ring on my first playthrough. So if you don't want to miss it, too, or you've jumped into NG+ to mop up any quests you missed the first time around, this guide will put you on the right path.

Unless you made a beeline straight to the end, it's likely you've met Seluvis during other NPC quests. It's not obvious that he has his own story arc, though, and you have to do some very specific things to get started. Plus Seluvis is a bit of an ass, so it's certainly understandable if you don't want to help him out. But if you do want to find out more about him, here's how to complete the Elden Ring Seluvis quest. 

Elden Ring Seluvis quest summary 

Here's a summary of the steps for Seluvis's quest. 

Note that you won't be able to complete Seluvis's quest if you progress Ranni's quest to the point where you give her the Fingerslayer Blade. You also won't be able to complete Ranni's quest without first using a Celestial Dew at the Church of Vows if you follow the last step. 

  • Start Ranni's quest and meet Seluvis at his Rise
  • Agree to give the potion to Nepheli (your choice)
  • Locate the hidden puppet cellar
  • Buy all sorceries and both puppets from Seluvis
  • Find the Amber Starlight item
  • Give the Amber Draught to Ranni

Starting location

Where to find Seluvis 

Seluvis has his own tower in the Three Sisters area behind Caria Manor in Liurnia, but it will remain sealed until you enter Ranni's service and start her questline. 

After speaking to Ranni and agreeing to help her, she'll ask you to speak with her advisors on the ground floor of her tower. You can find a projection of Seluvis near the entrance and he'll suggest you pay him a visit in his tower. For this step, you need to speak to all three advisers—Seluvis, Blaidd, and Ijl—and speak to Ranni once more to leave the tower. Seluvis's Tower is to the southwest of Ranni's so head here now and you'll find Seluvis inside. 

Seluvis's Potion

Accept Seluvis's potion. (Image credit: From Software)

Accept Seluvis's potion and make a choice 

Talk to Seluvis and he'll ask you to help him administer a potion to Nepheli. Accept his task and he'll hand over the potion. Now it's up to you what you do with it, but you'll have to do one of three things to progress further: 

  • Give the potion to Nepheli when she returns to Roundtable Hold after meeting her at the Village of the Albinaurics.
  • Give the potion to Dung Eater at the end of his questline instead of using the five Seedbed Curses.
  • Hand over the potion to Gideon at Roundtable Hold.

Choosing either of the first two options will allow you to get the summonable Spirit Ashes of whomever you give it to. Handing over the potion to Gideon will have him destroy it. It doesn't matter which option you pick, but you have to do one of these things to continue Seluvis's quest. 

Puppet cellar

Locating the puppet cellar 

After dispensing the potion however you see fit, head back to the Three Sisters and locate the ruins between Ranni's Rise and Renna's Rise over to the east. There's a hidden stairway here and rolling will break the illusory floor. Head inside and you'll find a glowing message on the floor near the back wall. Read the message then have a look around if you like, before returning to Seluvis's Rise.

Now when you speak to Seluvis he'll assume you've done what he asked and offer to sell you sorceries. You'll also get an option to ask about the chambers you found, which will unlock his Puppet Spirit Ashes. As soon as you buy one, the option will disappear until you reload the area.

It seems you need to buy both puppets and all of his sorceries to progress to the next step. Once you do this, he will let you in on his scheme and asks you to find the Amber Starlight item.

Amber Starlight

Where to find the Amber Starlight 

There's only one clue to the whereabouts of the Amber Starlight item and that's a map that can be purchased from Pidia, the Carian servant. This map isn't required to find the shard so skip ahead if you just want to go straight there.

Otherwise, from Seluvis's Rise, head northeast along the cliff edge until you reach a spot where you can drop down onto Caria Manor, then head to the southwest edge of the building and drop down to the small wooden platform below. Keep dropping down until you reach the ramparts, and you'll see a square opening in the roof of the building. Hop across and go down the ladder to find Pidia.

If you'd rather go straight to the item, head to Altus Plateau and the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace. From here, head east and look for the narrow ravine that passes just this side of the Stormcaller Church. Go through the short tunnel and you can find this item on the ground in front of a statue.

Once you have it, return to Seluvis at the Three Sisters and hand over the Amber Starlight and you'll receive the Magic Scorpion Charm talisman.

Amber Draught

Give the Amber Draught to Ranni 

A word of warning: This step will prevent you from continuing with Ranni's quest unless you absolve your sins at the Church of Vows with a Celestial Dew. Even then, the only way I was able to continue was by going directly to the Radahn boss fight and skipping the Sorceress Sellen quest step.

You'll need to reload the area and return to talk to Seluvis again. He'll hand over the Amberlight Draught and ask you to give it to Ranni. Fast travel to Ranni's Rise and choose to administer the potion. Understandably, Ranni will be pretty angry with you: if given the chance, she will kill you. If you return to her room, you'll find she's gone.

Head back to Seluvis's Rise for the final time and you'll find his Bell Bearing and the Preceptor Set. Additionally, returning to Pidia's location lets you loot Nepheli's Puppet Ashes (if you gave her the potion) or the Delores Puppet Ashes if you didn't.

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