Dreamlight Valley players have been investigating a potato mystery for months

Disney Dreamlight Valley - a player indignantly gestures to a red and gold potato
(Image credit: Gameloft)

For several months, Disney Dreamlight Valley players have been trying to solve an in-game mystery that revolves around a seemingly-useless golden potato. In the past week, one useless mystery potato has become two, and now the spuds are even morphing into potions with no obvious no end in sight.

The original golden potato was earned via a redeemable Dreamlight Valley code, which I had assumed was a test run for the kind of premium currency that many live service games use. It may still prove to be, but the Dreamlight community refused to let the veg lie and has relentlessly attempted to cook, craft, and otherwise attack it. 

I thought those attempts had all been futile until I stumbled upon an even more suspicious red potato in Remy of Ratatouille fame's house after the recent Festival of Friendship update.

Since then, tireless sleuths have managed to trade their golden potato for a carrot, a crab, and eventually a potion by placing each successive item on top of unlikely surfaces all over the valley. There's an equally arcane series of steps to turn the red potato into a potion too.

What do the potions do? I currently have no clue. The golden potion "has the power of the sun to bring warmth to something gone cold." Tragically, I've not acquired the red potion yet because it requires an ingredient from Remy's level 10 friendship quest. 

It seems clear that there's more to come in the spud saga. Perhaps we'll eventually end up cooking or crafting several potions into some final, magical item. Maybe it's an in-game ARG leading to an out-of-game announcement.

If you're keen to keep up with the developments, you'll want to find your way to the Disney Dreamlight Valley official Discord server. If you just want the latest walkthrough, a player called Lady Jane has compiled the findings in a handy cheat sheet for potato potions.

Lauren Morton
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