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Dishonored 2 trailer shows crafty, cunning escapes

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It's still got more than a month to go before launch, yet the deluge of Dishonored 2 trailers continues—the latest of which sneaks, stealths and slinks around exit strategies.

In Emily Kaldwin's segment of the following short, entitled 'Daring Escapes', a combination of brutal close-quarters knife-play and supernatural abilities—namely Doppleganger, Transposition, Shadow Walk, Mesmerise, Domino, and Dark Vision—is deployed by The Empress as she makes short work of her unsuspecting foes. 

Corvo too executes a similar battle plan by way of deft swordsmanship and powers such as Possession, Chain Host, Redirective Blink (my personal favourite), Wall of Light, and Wind Blast. Look, see: 

This of course comes off the back of insights into low-chaos kills, ultra-violent assaults, creative executions, and a look at what makes new setting Karnaca tick. I must admit, I'd feel a little force-fed under any other circumstance, but my own excitement for this 'un makes it seem okay.      

Dishonored 2 won't be with us until November 11—which is why you should check out Shaun's recent hands-on, as well as Chris' thoughts from earlier this year in the meantime.