Dishonored 2 trailer shows Emily and Corvo’s creative kills

When James caught up with Harvey Smith at PAX earlier this month, the Dishonored 2 creative director mentioned his desire to “bring back all the things people loved in Dishonored—the stealth, the first-person combat, the supernatural powers.” The latest combat-focused trailer for Arkane’s incoming stealth-meets-action-adventure would suggest Smith et al have been successful on that front. Some of the kills on show look wonderful. 

Split between two Emily-led set pieces and two Corvo-starring ones, the following short showcases both heroes mixing and matching a selection of their supernatural abilities, weapons and gadgets to make light work of oncoming foes. 

Emily is seen linking three adversaries with Domino magic, for example, before launching the trio into an electric field. Later, she summons a Doppleganger shade to attract enemies, before murdering a bad guy whose corpse thereafter spawns into a blood-sucking Bloodfly. With Corvo at the wheel, we’re shown his Bend Time ability—a move which temporarily freezes time—before his Blink Assault causes an airborne thug to activate an explosive, taking out two of his friends on the way down. 

It’s fast-paced and it’s impressive. Observe: 

Then again, as was the case with the original game, you can finish Dishonored 2 without killing a single person. It’s due November 11—why not read Chris' hands-on preview in the meantime?