Dishonored 2 trailer shows stealthy, Low Chaos approach

Emily Kaldwin, in my game, is not going to do a whole lot (or, indeed, any) murderin', as that's how I roll in my stealthy immersive sims. So the following trailer, which mirrors yesterday's High Chaos (read: messy) playthrough of Dishonored 2's Clockwork Mansion, should be pretty indicative of my own take on the game. Of course, I'm not going to watch the video—I've already spoiled myself by watching a different Clockwork Mansion video, and I'm not spoilerin' any more—so the following trailer might well be a seven-minute rick-roll for all I know.

Dare you watch the following trailer, which purports to show Emily Kaldwin stealthily infiltrating a bonkers contraption-mansion, but may instead offer a looped video of an eighties popstar singing his hit single? Or will you make do with a bit of YouTube description text, which summarises the video's contents and the juicy Outsider powers therein? If you're hoping to go into the game completely cold, then you probably shouldn't have clicked on this article in the first place, but you definitely shouldn't watch the following trailer, or indeed read this paragraph:

"Playing as Emily Kaldwin in this developer playthrough, take a Shadow Walk on the quieter side with a stealthy, Low Chaos journey through the marvel of mad science that is the Clockwork Mansion. Watch as Emily uses her new tools and supernatural abilities to deftly evade the monstrous Clockwork Soldiers (or in one case, completely rewire it to make it complacent) and non-lethally take out the guards as she works to free Anton Sokolov and secure his passage out of the building, and thereby Delilah’s clutches."

Dishonored 2 is out November 11.

Tom Sykes

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