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Dead Rising 4 Halloween trailer showcases costumes, vehicles, crafting

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I remain a bit miffed that Capcom gave Frank West hair plugs and a less prominent gut for its imminent Dead Rising reboot-sequel, but it's hard to stay too mad when New-Frank shows up to the zombie party wearing a face-wrap and cucumbers over his eyes. Here's a Halloween (sorry, a 'Combo-Ween') trailer  that shows Dead Rising at its best, meaning it's full of silly costumes, outlandish weapons and vehicles, craftable weapons and vehicles, oh and lots of zombies to turn into zomb-kebabs. Here 'tis:

The trailer spends a bit of time showing off the Exo Suit you can get by pre-ordering Dead Rising 4, though I don't know why you'd want that when there are tiny child's bikes to comically ride in the open world zombie game.

Dead Rising 4 hits PC on December 6, and appropriately it's very Christmassy.

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