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Dead Rising 4’s pre-order details, price revealed

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Yesterday, new screens and a snippet of in-game footage for Dead Rising 4 made their way out of Gamescom, and I must admit I was suitably impressed. Fast forward one day and the game’s pre-order details—including how much Capcom Vancouver’s zombie slaughter fest will cost on the Microsoft Store—have left me slightly less enamoured.  

That’s mostly because the Standard Edition of Dead Rising 4—which is expected to be a timed Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive—will set prospective players back £49.99/$59.99 when it arrives on the MS Store (opens in new tab) on December 6. 

Pre-orders grant access to X-Fists—a cosmetic add-on that'll let players “smash and bash [their] way through the zombie mayhem while while wearing these exclusively skinned X-Fists, a combo weapon for the Exo Suit.”

Xbox Wire (opens in new tab) details what protagonist Frank West serves to gain from donning said Exo Suit in this here diagram:

Dead Rising 4 is due to launch December 6, 2016.