Dead Rising 4 release date revealed

Dead Rising 4, and the return of Frank West, were officially revealed by way of an unseasonably festive trailer that appeared at the beginning of the week. What we didn't get, however, was a release date beyond the very vague “holiday season” of 2016. But now it's come to light, thanks to an errant listing on the Xbox Store, that it will be out on December 6. 

The date was pulled fairly quickly, and the site now says only that Dead Rising 4 is “coming soon.” The Microsoft Store, however, continues to list it as December 6, and Microsoft sealed the deal with a confirmation of the date sent to IGN

We don't know much about Dead Rising 4 yet—beyond the whole "Christmas zombies" thing, that is—but Eurogamer captured 14 minutes of gameplay at E3 that you can check out below. So far, it's looking pretty good.

Andy Chalk

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