Corsair's Ironclaw RGB gaming mouse is down to $40 right now

(Image credit: Corsair)

The Corsair Ironclaw RGB is one of our top picks for a gaming mouse, thanks to its comfortable design and tactile buttons. The mouse's price has fluctuated quite a bit over the past few months, but now it's at its lowest point ever—$39.99, a savings of $20 from the original MSRP.

The Ironclaw RGB is designed for people with larger hands, so if the average mouse feels a bit too small for you, this might be a great option. It weighs 105 grams and uses Omron Switches in the buttons that are rated for "more than 50 million clicks."

Speaking of which, all the buttons are programmable, so you can move your frequently-used keyboard shortcuts to your mouse. There's also RGB lighting, because is it really a gaming product if it doesn't have shiny lights?

You can buy the mouse at the links below. It's on sale at multiple retailers, but there's no indication of when the promotion will end.

CORSAIR IRONCLAW RGB Mouse | $39.99 ($20 off)

CORSAIR IRONCLAW RGB Mouse | $39.99 ($20 off)
This mouse is perfect for larger hands, with programmable buttons and RGB lighting. Buy at Amazon, Buy at Best Buy (Posted: 9/9)

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