Corsair launches a stylish wireless headset for gamers and streamers

(Image credit: Corsair)

Having already released a few different gaming headsets for under $100 (way under, in some  cases), Corsair is now trying its hand at a more premium offering, the Virtuoso RGB Wireless starting at $179.99.

Other than price, what separates the Virtuoso from Corsair's other headsets (and I'm sure Corsair would say from the competition as well) is the lofty goal of "bridging the gap between gaming headsets and high fidelity headphones." To that end, Corsair claims the Virtuoso delivers "impeccable clarity" and "uncompromising sound."

Whether it actually does or not, we'll reserve judgement until we've had a chance to sample the Virtuoso (our friends at TomsHardware were impressed). On paper, it looks promising. Corsair has outfitted this headset with pair of 50mm neodymium drivers that have been "carefully hand-matched to within +/1 1dB of tolerance." It also offers double the frequency range of a typical gaming headset, at 20Hz - 40,000Hz.

"This allows for incredibly detailed and accurate reproduction of sound, from the deep rumbling of tanks in the distance to the whine of jet engines flying overhead, and everything in-between," Corsair says.

Corsair's other main selling point is the quality of the microphone. According to Corsair, the Virtuoso benefits from a "professional-grade" mic with up to a 10,000Hz frequency response.

That upper rating is likely tied to the higher-end Virtuoso RGB SE. The specs between it and the Virtuoso RGB (non-SE) are mostly the same, save for the microphone capsule size—it's 9.5mm on the SE model, compared to to 4mm on the non-SE variant.

"Exhaustively tested and Discord-certified, Virtuoso RGB Wireless captures more of your voice, and delivers it just as you hear it, for clear communication and outstanding sound," Corsair says.

On the connectivity front, users can plug in a USB dongle for up to 60 feet of wireless range, with up to 20 hours of battery life. It also hooks up to devices by way of USB or a 3.5mm audio jack.

RGB lighting is part of the package, though nothing over the top. Other features include an accelerometer-based smart wake function, machined aluminum construction, a padded headband, and memory foam ear cushions.

The Virtuoso RGB SE ($209.99) in gunmetal and non-SE ($179.99) in white and carbon are all available now.

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