Corsair closes out the summer with deep discounts on refurbished peripherals

Summer is coming to an end, but before it does, Corsair is looking to unload a whole bunch of refurbished products, including keyboards, mice, headsets, and more. If you're willing to go the refurb route, now is your chance to score a nice discount.

These are all "Corsair certified refurbished" products, which include demo units, open box items, and customer swaps.

"They go through our stringent refurbishment process and are 100 percent to meet the performance specifications of brand new products," Corsair explains. "Some returned products have not been used at all, but only the packaging of the box was altered. 100 percent of returned products go through Corsair's stringent refurbished process and are fully tested."

The also have up-to-date firmware and are backed by 1-year warranties. For more on the matter, see Corsair's FAQ.

Moving on, Corsair already slashes the price of its refurbished products. On top of that, you can apply promo code SUMMEREND17 to knock an additional 20 percent off, which helps to offset applicable tax and shipping charges.

There are some nifty deals to be had, such as this K70 RGB Rapidfire mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Speed RGB key switches. It's marked down from $180 to $120. Using the coupon code, you can get it down to $96. Standard shipping ($5) and tax bring the total to around $110, depending on where you live.

Here are the categories to browse:

There are two other categories—cases and cooling—though both are empty at the time of this writing. The rest are fleshed out with products, especially the keyboards category.

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