Here's every Fortnite Season 7 skin

With the arrival of Fortnite Season 7 and its ominous iceberg, lots of new battle pass skins can be yours, allowing you to die (or win, if you’re better than I am) in style. If you prefer your Santas sexy and buff and your yetis goofy, you’ll be pretty pleased with this season’s offerings. Take a gander below to pick out your favourites.


Let’s start with the best—a beefcake Santa Claus. Sgt. Winter is more Krampus than Father Christmas, apparently. “You don’t want to get on his list,” we’re warned. You can get him at tier 23. You’ll be able to make him look a little bit more cheery by levelling him up and adding a snowman mask and a festive llama mask. Not so intimidating now.

As his name suggests, Zenith likes climbing to the top of things. Mountains, mostly, but presumably as a baby he started with boxes and small ladders before building up to more ambitious things. Zenith starts off pretty boring, but once you level him up he starts to look considerably more flashy, like a Star Wars bounty hunter on a trip to Hoth. He's unlockable at tier 1.

Powder, available at tier 47, is a snowboarder with a penchant for extremely high collars. I’d love one of them to protect my delicate beard from the harsh weather.  

Cat-fan Lynx transforms into a Black Panther/Catwoman look-alike but I actually prefer her basic style. She has a few difference phases, including one that’s in between and sort of looks like she’s forgotten to finish swapping her civvies for her superhero costume. You'll unlock her at tier 1.

Trog is a delight. Just look at him, happy simply to be in Fortnite. He fights good, apparently, but more importantly he has a big heart. Probably. Get this fluffy fella at tier 71. 

This one's probably not warm enough if you’re going to be fighting in a snowstorm. It’s available at tier 87.  

If you make it all the way up to tier 100, you’ll get the ominous Ice King! He’s more World of Warcraft than Adventure Time and he lives in an iceberg. Well, a castle on an iceberg. You can unlock new colours for him by outliving people, but you’ll need to survive a lot of matches to just for a colour swap. 

For all other Season 7 details, read the Fortnite Season 7 patch notes. And you can see every skin and variant in the video below. 

Fortnite Season 7 is out now. 

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