Fortnite Season 7's v7.00 patch notes introduce ziplines, Creative and a new flying vehicle

Fortnite Season 7 arrives today and so do the patch notes for v7.00 of the game. The iceberg has crashed into the map, altering it in a whole bunch of ways, while a new flying vehicle called the Stormwing has been added. Fortnite Creative mode has also deployed for anyone who owns the Battle Pass—everyone else gets it next week on the 13th.

Also new to the game are ziplines, which help you get around the various heights of the environment extremely quickly. You can use weapons while using the ziplines. The new Battle Pass launches today, and there's a trailer showcasing what to expect from its 100 levels and 100+ rewards that are being added. Wraps are now a part of the Fortnite Battle Pass. They let you cosmetically customise your character's weapons and vehicles by equipping them in your locker. Check out a trailer for that below:

Sky combat seems to be a big focus of Fortnite Season 7. The X-4 Stormwing, seen in both of the trailers above, seats five people in total, including the pilot. It has a mounted machine gun, and it's capable of producing sharp turns, and flying upside down. You can do a barrel roll, too, by double tapping the roll button. On top of that, when using balloons in Fortnite now, you can use weapons and items alongside. 

New locations have been added to the map: the Iceberg biome features Frosty Flights, Polar Peak, Happy Hamlet and more alongside. Players can slide around on icy surfaces. Check out the map:

Fortnite Creative, which was announced yesterday, is also new. The hosting player can determine whether players visiting your island are allowed to build or edit—so the parameters are in the host's hands. Creative will let you have four islands to play around with total.

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A few weapons have been vaulted, meanwhile, which Epic explains is the result of an evaluation process to give players plenty to learn but to avoid 'duplicates or overlapping functionality'. They are Shadow Stones, Port-a-Fort, Chiller, Clinger, Double Barrel Shotgun and Shockwave Grenades.

Season 7 will last two weeks longer than anticipated, as Epic is taking a well-earned break for the Winter holidays. That means Season 7 will end on 28 February 2019. See Epic's full patch notes for the more granular changes.  

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