Castle Crashers updates with swisher looks, new minigame

Castle Crashers Back Off Barbarian

That Castle Crashers update we mentioned a little while ago is now live, just in case you were wondering why The Behemoth's 2008 game was suddenly looking a bit nicer and had a new minigame. To bring it more in line with the recently released Xbox One version, the developer has uncapped the framerate, added new higher quality textures (these won't be on by default, and require a 64-bit operating system), made a few other small changes and replaced one of the minigames with a better one. (You can read their reasons for replacing Back Off Barbarian here.)

The details of Castle Crashers' 'Barbarian Makeover' are located here. And also here. And also in this very news post. So you've no excuse not to be aware of it, really.

Tom Sykes

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