Best Xbox Elite controller series 2 price: get this cheap $169 deal at B&H

Best Xbox Elite controller series 2 price: get this cheap $169 deal at B&H
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Get them while they're hot: the best Xbox Elite series 2 controller price we've found is $169.99 ($10 off) at B&H (opens in new tab). While not a massive discount, this popular controller rarely sees a discount at all, and it's brand new, so act quick if you want one. The series 2 controller is a refinement of many of the ideas we saw introduced with the original iteration of the Xbox Elite controller, which added a bevy of customization options to what many people consider one of the best PC controllers (opens in new tab) available.

Just like its older sibling, the series 2 features adjustable trigger locks, allowing you to fine-tune the amount of travel distance in your left and right triggers, but the series 2 adds an additional step, allowing for a long, medium or short pull on either trigger. While the shoulder buttons and ubiquitous back paddles remain unchanged, Xbox has done some interesting things to the thumbsticks on the series 2 controller. The original Elite controller allowed you to change the height of individual thumbsticks, but the Series 2 controller also allows you to fine-tune the resistance in either thumbstick, offering you more precise control whether you use a soft touch or prefer a controller that fights back. Our Xbox Elite controller series 2 review explains more.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller | $169.99 at B&H (save $10) (opens in new tab)

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller | $169.99 at B&H (save $10) (opens in new tab)
The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is an improved design of the already excellent Elite Controller. Featuring USB-C charging, adjustable stick tension and trigger locks, the series 2 is the standard by which other controllers are measured. 

The D-pad largely remains unchanged as well, giving you the option between a traditional 4-way design, or an 8-way directional disc with beveled edges. But, in what is possibly the biggest change between the 2 controllers, the series 2 features an integrated rechargeable battery that can be juiced up directly via its USB-C connection, or by seating it in the included clamshell carrying case which doubles as a charging station.  

For our readers across the pond, Amazon UK is also offering this popular controller for £149 (£10 off) (opens in new tab). This is a prime time to invest in the controller that we said "ruined all other controllers" in our review. But just in case this is a little too rich for your blood, make sure to check out our best Cyber Monday PC gaming deals (opens in new tab) to get a head start on tomorrow's savings.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller | £159.99 at Amazon UK (save £10) (opens in new tab)

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller | £159.99 at Amazon UK (save £10) (opens in new tab)
Reading this from across the pond? Keep calm, Amazon UK is offering similar savings on this awesome controller, and at £150, it's a fine deal.

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