Where to find Dribbles the Clown's lost limbs in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Dribbles the Clown
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The Baldur's Gate 3 Find Dribbles the Clown quest might sound like you're intent on saving the popular performer, but actually, you're just running around collecting his assorted body parts so the ringmaster, Lucretious, can turn him into a zombie. If you've visited the Circus of the Last Days in Rivington during act 3, you've likely surmised that the real Dribbles was taken away and chopped up by Absolute cultists.

Still, the least you can do is fetch all his clown parts back to the circus, since doing so will get you the Spellmight Gloves which allow you to take a -5 attack roll penalty to get an extra d8 damage on spells. All that said, here's where to find Dribbles the Clown's lost limbs in Baldur's Gate 3.

Dribbles' hand location

The first piece of Dribbles is in the Circus of Last Days where you get the quest. Look to the right of Popper, the Kobold wearing the fancy hat in the west of the circus, to see the hand on a plate, resting on a table.

Dribbles' torso location

The clown torso can also be found near the circus. If you head down underneath the Rivington end of Wyrm's Crossing, you'll find a cave entrance directly below the bridge. Inside are some Absolute shapeshifting bandits, but after you've dispatched them, you can grab Dribble's torso by looting the bodies.

Dribbles' pelvis location

From this point on, Dribble's parts are all located in the Lower City and the easiest to grab first is the pelvis. Head north up the street from the Basilisk Gate waypoint until you come to a locked house with a blue door set into the wall. Lockpick it open and loot the body inside to get the pelvis.

Dribbles' arm location

The next part is located in the basement of the Peartree's House to the south-east of Sorcerous Sundries. It's quite easy to spot since the door is boarded up and you'll have to smash the planks. The easiest way to get there is by teleporting to the Heapside Strand waypoint, going up two flights of stairs, then heading right up the street. The basement hatch is hidden under the suitcase on the right, and once down there, loot the big body to get Dribble's arm.

Dribbles' leg location

The leg is located in the basement of Lavernica's Home, to the south-east of Bloomridge Park. To get here quickly, warp to the Lower City Central Wall, then head south-west through the passage in the wall to find the house on your left. Once inside, use the hatch to enter the basement, and then loot the body in the centre of the ritual circle to get the leg.

Dribbles' foot location

Dribble's foot is in the basement of Rainforest's Home, south-west of the Lower City Central Wall waypoint. Go south-east through the big gate in the wall, then head west along the street to find the house to your left just after Beehive Goods and Wares. Once inside, use the hatch under the stairs, then loot the body on the right side of the altar to get the foot.

Dribbles' head location

The final part of Dribbles is by far the hardest to get, since it's located near the Temple of Bhaal, and requires a fair bit of progress into the main story quest involving Orin. First, you'll have to make your way into the sewers. The most direct route is to use the manhole cover to the south of Bloomridge Park. If you head to the Baldur's Gate waypoint, go south along the street to the statue, head east up the little stairs, then around the corner you'll spot the manhole. 

Once in the sewers, head north-west into the room with the pillars, then keep going north until you come to the gate with the bodies hanging in front of it. Simply shoot the body to open the gate. Now, to get through to the Temple of Bhaal area, you're going to have to complete a pretty tough fight. Immediately through the gate and down the stairs, you'll be ambushed by Bhaal Cultists, including the Farslayer of Bhaal Ghislev. You need to make sure you take this guy out quickly, because he'll wipe your entire party when he finishes his ritual. I used a Scroll of Fly on Karlach and sent her around to the right to deal with him.

After the fight's over, head across the broken pillar bridge and turn left through the archway to find a metal door. Travel down the staircases to the big pile of bodies, just north of the Temple of Bhaal fast travel, and you'll find Dribble's head by looting them. Take all the parts back to Lucretious and enjoy your new magical gloves.


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