How to escape the Djinni Lamp in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Djinni Lamp
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The Baldur's Gate 3 Djinni Lamp is one of the magical artefacts that the wizard Lorroakan is keeping hidden in his Sorcerous Vault, but turns out there's also an actual Djinni living inside it. The Peculiar Lamp is quite hard to find, but you might have stumbled upon it when accidentally walking through an illusory wall behind a chest into a hidden room.

And, of course, what choice is there but to give that lamp a little rub? Now, you're trapped inside with seemingly no way out, and though comfortable, I'm sure you had more exciting things planned than sitting in a lamp for the next 100 hours. Here's how to escape the Djinni Lamp in Baldur's Gate 3.

How to escape the Djinni Lamp

You can find the Peculiar Lamp in the Sorcerous Vault, by heading to the room in between the portal leading to Sorcerous Sundries, and the room with the display case containing the Legendary Red Knight's Final Stratagem book. Walk east and through the illusory wall behind the chest to find a secret room containing the lamp. Make sure you have a companion with you before you touch it—trust me on this. You'll be teleported inside, where the Djinni Yafeu will thank you for rescuing him before quickly departing. The companion outside, however, can get 1,000 gold if they ask Yafeu for money as he exits the lamp.

So, how do you escape the lamp? As Yafeu explains, the lamp needs to have at least one occupant at any time—which is what allowed him to escape when you arrived—so you need to create another occupant. Search the chest on the northeast side of the room to find a Scroll of Summon Quasit and then use it to make your escape—just try not to feel too guilty about trapping your little demon friend for all eternity. I imagine this trick would work with any regular summon if you want to keep the scroll. Also, make sure to loot the assorted potions, gold, and scrolls in the room. Sadly, there are no unique magical items in the lamp, but hey, at least you aren't trapped for all eternity—unless you decide to touch the lamp again, that is.


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