How to open the Sorcerous Vault in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Sorcerous Vault
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The Baldur's Gate 3 Sorcerous Vault is where the wizard Lorroakan keeps his fanciest magical items tucked away from the outside world. You don't get to be the most powerful magic-user in the city without collecting a treasure trove of artefacts it would seem. But mighty wizard or not, you can totally steal his entire collection. 

You won't be able to access the Sorcerous Vault until Act 3 when you arrive in the Lower City, but once you're in, it's a quick jaunt over to Sorcerous Sundries, where you can access the vault. With all that said, here's how to enter the Sorcerous Vault in Baldur's Gate 3 and solve the door puzzle therein.

How to enter the Sorcerous Vault

The easiest way to get into the Sorcerous Vault is through Sorcerous Sundries in the centre of the Lower City in Act 3. From here, there are two routes you can take:

  • Through Ramazith's Tower: You can gain access to the vault through Ramazith's Tower—where Lorroakan lives—as part of the Nightsong quest by telling the projection of Lorroakan at the main counter that you have information. Once inside the tower, jump down the floating furniture to get to the lower level, then look for the weave button on the outer rim of the room labelled Vault. Press this and you'll be teleported directly into the Sorcerous Vault. 
  • Through Sorcerous Sundries: You can also get into the vault via the store itself. On the upper level, you'll find a locked door to your left, near the portals that lead into Ramazith's Tower. Unlock this, head inside, and look for the Clasped Book on the bookshelf to your right. Activate this and a portal will appear that leads straight into the vault.

Out of the two options, I recommend the first. While it takes a little longer, you appear right next to the display case containing the vault's first Legendary book; the Red Knight's Final Stratagem. This is also close to the Djinni Lamp, which you can get to by walking east through the wall behind the chest in the room next door.

How to open the Elminster door

After making your way through the vault, looting as you go, you'll find a room with a portal, and just past it, a door labelled Ramazith leading into the main vaults. Unlock the door, and, being wary of traps, step inside. You'll find three doors: Elminster, Karsus, and Silverhand. The first two are locked, but by completing a little door puzzle, you can unseal them. Once again, being wary of traps, here's how to unlock the Elminster vault:

  • Go through the Silverhand door
  • Go through the Evocation door
  • Go through the Wish door behind you and pull the lever
  • Head through any of the doors to take you back to the original room

You'll find the Elminster door now open, so head through and grab all the treasure, including The Tharciate Codex you need to finish reading the Necromancy of Thay.

How to open the Karsus door

The Annals of Karsus are in the Karsus Vault (Image credit: Larian)

Same again, to open the Karsus door, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go through the Silverhand door
  • Go through the Abjuration door
  • Go through the Silver door behind you and pull the lever
  • Head through any of the doors to take you back to the original room

Now you can get into the Karsus vault, which contains the Legendary Annals of Karsus book, plus a whole heap of other treasure. If you want even more loot, be sure to head back into Ramazith's Tower and steal the Legendary Markoheshkir staff from behind its forcefield.


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