Here’s the cheapest RTX 2070 price we’ve seen, plus several discounts on other 2070 cards

Here’s the cheapest RTX 2070 price we’ve seen, plus discounts several on other 2070 cards

Right in time for a new year sprucing up of your machine, there are a few great deals on some RTX 2070 graphics cards available right now, one of which is down to the lowest-ever price we’ve seen.

If you can’t stretch to one of the big boys—the 1080 Tis and 2080s—then an RTX 2070 card is the one for you. It’s the third Turing GPU, a reliable performer, and the most affordable of the top range of graphics cards. Importantly, its readily available and sometimes, like today, some will dip below the base recommended price of $500 through deals, discounts and offers. An RTX 2070 continues where the GTX 1080 ends, offering slightly better performance for a similar price, but with the added bonus of being ‘ray-tracing ready’. The Founders Edition wasn't particularly impressive, particularly given its $100 price premium, but we liked the EVGA 2070 Black quite a bit and it’ll still make for a terrific addition to any new gaming PC or build upgrade—and the same can be said for most other RTX 2070s for sure. 

MSI VCX Aero GeForce RTX 2070 at Walmart for $499.99
An excellent model of the card that you can now grab for under 500 dollars with this deal at Walmart saving you $50 and gets you either Battlefield V or EA's upcoming Anthem as a download.View Deal

Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 2070 for $450 (using code SPVGAJANTEN) at Newegg
Insert the above code into your checkout at Newegg and get an RTX 2070 card for the lowest price we've ever seen.View Deal

ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 Overclocked card at Amazon for $569.99
Slightly dearer but coming from the recognised and reliable ASUS, this RTX 2070 card still has a 10% discount saving you 60 dollars.View Deal

Three cards worthy of your attention are discounted right now. First up there’s this MSI card—that will also bag you a code for Battlefield V or Anthem—has dipped just below $500, saving you a good $50; this Zotac model will be down to $450 at Newegg once you use the discount code SPVGAJANTEN; and if you’ve got a bit more budget to utilise, over at Amazon you can snap up this overclocked ASUS card for $569.99 (10% off).

Particularly with CES on right now, it’ll be interesting to see if any of the current generation and series’ of GPUs shift in price in the first part of this year, and we’ll be sure to make you aware of them as soon as we find any such examples. For now, check out the best prices on all the 2070 cards below.

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