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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep—How to prepare for Armor 2.0

Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 guide
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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep's new story content might be a massive milestone, but it’s not the only one. When Shadowkeep is released on October 1, the armour system of previous years will see a complete revision with armor 2.0. Armor 2.0 is going to completely change how players use their armour as well as the way they collect it. That’s why we’ve decided to compile this primer to help you understand what to expect in Destiny 2’s third year. 

Armor 2.0—an overview

There are a lot of big changes ahead for armor 2.0. First off, stats-based armour is making a big comeback and mods are getting a complete overhaul. All slots on all armor 2.0 equipment will be fully customisable. You’ll also be able to transmogrify your armour—which is a fancy way of saying that you can transform the way your armor looks while keeping the same stats and mods.

What does armor 2.0 look like?

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Well, armor 2.0 isn’t going to look any different aesthetically, outside of new gear sets. The changes are on a more mechanical level. Every piece of gear in Destiny 2’s armor 2.0 pool will have three empty mod slots; one for standard mods and two for weapon/ability specific mods. On top of that, different pieces of armour will have their own elemental type, as will mods. This means that you can’t just slot any random mod into any piece of gear, instead there will be specific types of mods for specific gear. 

Furthermore, gear will have energy levels, dictating the mods you can squeeze in due to their energy requirements. From what Bungie has shown, it appears that the maximum energy available for any piece of gear in armor 2.0 is 10.

What does this mean for mods?

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Just like armor 2.0, mods are also transitioning to a 2.0 styled revision. That means that mods from previous years can only be slotted into old armour. As of armor 2.0, the new mods will have an elemental affinity that can only be matched with the correct element on your new gear. 

Additionally, mods will also have energy costs that requires gear to have enough energy in them to equip a mod to a slot. The energy costs can vary from one all the way up to five, based on previous Destiny 2 streams ahead of Shadowkeep.

In turn, a greater range of mods will be available. Ranging from simple resistance buffs to new stat increases, as well as more weapon and ability focused mods, you’ll be able to tweak your armour so it’s unique to your own kit and playstyle.

How will the stats work in armor 2.0?

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Returning Destiny players will remember these stats from the original. For those not aware, they are Intellect, Discipline, and Strength. Intellect will help you reduce the amount of time between supers by increasing super energy gained, while Discipline reduces the time spent waiting for your grenades to regenerate. Strength will determine how quickly your melee abilities recharge. 

Each stat has a max value of 100, according to Bungie. This means that players will have to pick and choose to maximise their preferred traits to create the perfect build. The base values for the recharge rates are currently in line with having 30 in each stat, according to Bungie’s Director’s Cut pieces. For every increment of 10, you’ll see a change in your recharge values for each of the aforementioned stats.  

What should I do with all my old gear?

As Shadowkeep launches, Bungie has stated that all gear will be boosted up to 750PL, allowing all players to participate in the older content without the need to grind all the Power Levels needed. 

Bungie has also stated that all gear dropped in Year 3 will also be armor 2.0, which means you'll have the chance to get new versions of your old gear. This doesn’t mean that your old gear will transform, however. Thankfully, your gear won’t be outdated immediately, as some of the sets you currently have will work better than random world drops. Still, you might want to consider deleting all your excess gear that you have no intention of using and pulling armor 2.0 variants from the vault when Shadowkeep goes live. The same can be said for mods, as deleting them will help you stockpile Mod Components to purchase new Year 3 ones.

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It’s worth noting that not all gear will be upgraded to armor 2.0, only specific items. To save us the effort, Bungie has already compiled a list of gear that will be available as armor 2.0 after Shadowkeep’s launch, which you can find below.

Armor 2.0 reprisals

Crucible: Year 1: includes Year 1 ornaments.
Vanguard: Year 1: includes Year 1 ornaments.
Black Armory: Forge.
Gambit: Gambit: Forsaken, Gambit Prime: Season of the Drifter.
Menagerie: All Menagerie armour.
Raids: Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, Last Wish, Scourge of the Past, Crown of Sorrow.
Destinations:  European Dead Zone, Titan, Nessus, Io, Mercury, Mars (Vendor and Escalation Protocol), Tangled Shore, Dreaming City.

Are there any new materials?

The short answer is yes, there are new materials. Do we know what they do yet and how to find them? Not really. What we do know is that levelling up your gear now requires Ascendant Shards and that there’s another new material called Enhancement Prisms, which are classed as an exotic material, adding to the already existing Enhancement Cores. 

Both of these materials will be used in the process of upgrading the energy level of your gear and it’s assumed that they may be incredibly hard to come by, given their rarity. 

How does transmogrifying work?

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Similar to the above, we don’t really know the exactitudes yet. However, we have been shown that these work as ornaments that can be easily applied to your equipment. As of this moment, we have only seen this for the older Eververse armour, but there is hope that you’ll be able to change whatever armour you like to look exactly how you want.

There’s still a lot of details we don't have about armor 2.0, but what we do know is that it is going to let players create far more tailored builds and create a new pursuit of the perfect set of armour outside of praying for perfect rolls. We're still not sure which mods go in which elemental armours and what mods match up to specific gear, but we do have some rough ideas based on all previous Bungie streams. Thankfully, it will all become clear on October 1.