How to get Salvation's Grip in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 salvations grip quest
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Struggling with the Destiny 2 Salvation's Grip quest? The Drifter has won many a Guardian's heart: His quick wit and self-assured nature has put him in good stead with the community. But he's also a reticent fellow, hoarding motes for no apparent reason and with a peculiar fondness for darkness. From time to time, his barriers have lowered and he's let us in on a secret or two. With the release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, The Drifter is sharing secrets once more, and this time he speaks of a grenade launcher.

The weapon he speaks of is Salvation's Grip, Destiny 2's first Stasis energy weapon. It lies at the end of a long and difficult quest, but it's a weapon worth pursuing. Here's how to complete the Destiny 2 Aspect of Control quest, and get the new exotic.

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How to beat the Destiny 2 Salvation's Grip quest: Complete the Beyond Light campaign

First thing is first, complete Beyond Light's campaign. You'll pick up Destiny 2 No Time to Explain for your efforts, allowing you to visit the Tower and speak to The Drifter about a particular questline. 

Acquire the Stasis Prototype quest and kill Captains and Servitors on Europa

After speaking to The Drifter, he will give you 'The Stasis Prototype' quest. The first step requires you to visit Europa and kill Fallen Captains and Servitors. They can be found all over Europa and if you're completing Variks' post campaign missions, this step will fly by. Just be sure not to start the 'Dark Priestess' quest from Variks. I'll explain why shortly.

Complete an Empire Hunt 

These hunts can be purchased from Variks for 40 Herealways Pieces. But if you saved the 'Dark Priestess' quest from the previous step, you can actually complete this quest and it will count towards this particular step, saving you some precious Herealways Pieces in the process. 

Kill enemies with Stasis abilities 

The next step in the quest is also straightforward: Kill a load of enemies with Stasis abilities. Chase after public events dropping big supers wherever you can and you'll be finished in no time. 

Meet Spider's associate in a lost sector

After killing a ton of enemies with Stasis abilities, you'll be prompted to find Spider's associate in a Lost Sector to receive a series of Skiff codes. You can find the associate in the Concealed Void lost sector on Europa. This lost sector is the only one in Asterion Abyss. Once you've found the lost sector, you need to reach the end and kill the boss. The associate will be waiting with the codes beyond the barrier that drops after killing the lost sector boss (pictured below). 

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Return to The Drifter and complete Stealing Stasis

When you finally get your hands on those precious codes, you'll need to return to the Tower and speak to The Drifter. Turns out he wants you to liberate a top secret weapon from a heavily fortified base in the Stealing Stasis mission. Head back to Europa and fire up the mission. 

Stealing Stasis can be tough for a low Power Level Guardian, so ensure you are sitting around Power Level 1060 to save falling at the final hurdle in this mission. If you succeed, Salvation's Grip is yours to play with. 

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What does Salvation's Grip do?

Salvation's Grip is a Stasis Energy heavy grenade launcher. Firing its projectile results in an explosion that produces stasis crystals. You can hold the shot to create a wider blast radius, thus generating more crystals. It has some cool applications in map control in PvP, but due to the infrequency of heavy ammo, it's hard to recommend for this particular activity. It's great in PvE, however, easy to charge up shots, rattle them off, and smash smaller enemies that happen to get caught in its maelstrom.  

Like previous exotic rewards, Salvation's Grip can be used to destroy Destiny 2 Entropic Shards throughout Europa. There are nine Entropic Shards in total, but the community are still scouring Europa to find them at time of writing. They look like mini pyramid ships and can be destroyed with a shot from Salvation's Grip. 

Whether you rate it or hate it, Salvation's Grip is a landmark entry to your exotic collection. It's hopefully the first of many Stasis themed weapons Bungie will unveil in the year to come.