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A streamer turned himself into an Untitled Goose Game controller

(Image credit: Rudeism)

In Untitled Goose Game, you need to think like a goose, seeing everything as an opportunity to terrorise humans and disrupt their tranquil lives. To better embody this feathered fiend, streamer and controller wizard Rudeism has created an elaborate motion-control setup that doubles as an unconvincing goose disguise, and it's incredible. 

There are three parts to the controller: flippers for movement, gloves for flapping and a beak that registers both honks and head movement. The beak is also covered in Rudeism's blood—DIY is dangerous. Watch the stream below. 

This was Rudeism's first time playing Untitled Goose Game, so it's even more surprising that his weird invention works so well. It took a moment to get the beak working and the experiment was cut short by a loose wire, but he was able to complete most of the first section before he had to return to his regular human life.

"This is the most complex thing I've built in my life, I think, and I can't believe it's for this game," he said. The goose has become a bit of an inspiration, spawning loads of great Untitled Goose Game memes and art. A villain to some, it's a hero to others, pecking and honking at the status quo.

Rudeism's previous controller antics include reaching the WoW level cap using only dance mats and playing Overwatch with fidget spinners

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