Player reaches WoW level cap using only dance mats

World of Warcraft 1

I'm going to file this achievement under 'Feats of Strength': a World of Warcraft player has reached level 100 using only a pair of dance mats as control.

After 5 days, 11 hours, 48 minutes and 38 seconds of hot moves, Rudeism—practically delirious after a 7-hour stream—hits the cap, staggers back, punches the air and has a little cry. You can watch the finale yourself around 7:07:00.

'Dancecraft' has lasted a month, and in that time Rudeism has developed remarkable finesse with the dance mats—not entirely surprising considering his other playthroughs include Superhot with a dance mat, Mirror's Edge with a steering wheel and Portal with a guitar controller. After giving his legs a well-earned rest, Rudeism plans to return as Elite Tauren Chieftain in Heroes of the Storm—with a guitar.