Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs shows up on GOG and Steam, releases next month

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The new Amnesia game, a horrifying collaboration between Frictional Games and The Chinese Room, will be released September 10. A Machine for Pigs is explicitly for pigs, but the devs have been kind enough to allow humans to buy it for $20/£13 on Steam (opens in new tab) and GOG (opens in new tab) . Pre-purchasing, however, brutally hacks 20% off the price, exposing the oozing, gelatinous innards of capitalism. Don't touch the wound. It bites.

As does Amnesia: The Dark Descent , where half the fun is watching other people cope with its intoxicating paced terror. This is an indirect sequel—a "fresh and new approach to the Amnesia world"—with an updated engine, and Frictional Games notably called in the story exploration experience of Dear Esther developer The Chinese Room to help. Instead of Dear Esther's sober reflection, though, the goal here is a game that will "bury its snout into your ribs" and "eat your heart."

You could soberly reflect on death by pigs, but I'd rather throw some whiskey at the problem. And then set it on fire. Whiskey-marinated pork chops, anyone?

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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