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Looking for the AC Valhalla Easter eggs? Your home settlement in Eivor's 9th century England outing has already celebrated Christmas—and sent us on the hunt for some suspect secret brew—but now it's time for spring, and Easter. If Ravensthorpe didn't already feel like home after hours of post-adventure recuperation, it will do after you eat your bodyweight in eggs and pass out in your longhouse. Again.

Yes, Valhalla's Ostara festival is in full swing, and it brings an Easter egg hunt and some limited-time quests to your little corner of ol' timey Blighty. If these seasonal festivities are anything like the Yuletide celebrations earlier this year, you'll need to have at least founded Ravensthorpe and made at least one alliance (Ledecestrescire or Grantebridgescire).

Provided you've done that, you should get a quest notification as soon as you log in from now until the event ends on April 8. There are 15 Easter eggs hidden in Ravensthorpe in total, so here's where to find them all, and the riddles you're given to help you find each solution.

AC Valhalla Easter eggs: Locations and riddles

In your hunt for the 15 eggs, you're not left scrabbling without any help. You have six riddles—and your Odin's Vision, as ever. Here are the riddles, just in case you want to have a go finding the eggs yourself before scrolling down for the answers:

  • "A symbol of conquerors, to greatness they aspired. It stands now in ruin, their rule long expired."
  • "Old, new, and some long since rotten. Here they lie gone, not forgotten."
  • "Music, merriment, and mead abound. But keep your wit there are eggs to be found."
  • "With thunderous roar I carve the land. Go over me and you’ll find yourself with a fall unplanned.."
  • "Lay down your arms, your battles done. Drink and fest t’ill up comes the sun. A word to the wise, there’s more than one."
  • "Our door to travel and trade, it is vital to launch any raid."

Ready for the solutions? Below you'll find a gallery of images that correspond to some further text descriptions below:

  • 1: Next to Norvid, near some barrels and apples.
  • 2: In a grassy area near your quest giver, Alwin.
  • 3: At the far end of the Drakkar's dock.
  • 4: Near the western graves.
  • 5: On a muddy bank near the base of a waterfall.
  • 6: On the ground floor of the longhouse, near some netting.
  • 7: On the root of a big tree in the middle of the settlement.
  • 8: To the right of Reda's shop.
  • 9: Behind the blacksmith's hut.
  • 10: Behind the Ostara festival throne.
  • 11: On a balcony overseeing the brawling ring.
  • 12: On top of the beams overlooking the longhouse's main eating area.
  • 13: Climb up to the ledge on right side of the longhouse.
  • 14: Near the archery space.
  • 15: On the column above Maximilian's tent (the Roman artifacts collector). 
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