All the Assassin's Creed Valhalla romances we know about so far

ac Valhalla romance options
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Curious about your AC Valhalla romance options? Fleeing Norway to seek riches and settlement on the British Isles is all well and good, but no doubt many of you are also hoping for a spot of romance when you land on the shores of Old Blighty in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. 

Odyssey first introduced romance options for its protagonists Kassandra and Alexios, allowing them to have quick flings with the locals or more nuanced relationships with quest givers. In Valhalla, Eivor can also enter into a wide range of romantic entanglements on their quest to wrest control of the British isles. So when you're sick of decapitating Saxons, here's how to find romance in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

AC Valhalla romance options: How to find 9th century love

Romance is often as complex as it is thrilling. But in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, it's mostly about clicking the right prompts and fading to black for a few seconds. 

Most NPCs open to romance can be spotted early by their attitude toward Eivor. Many drengr will flirt bluntly with Eivor, as is their way, but you may also see a more softly softly approach from those coy Brits. 

Once you've spotted a potential love interest, all you need to do is respond in kind (assuming you want to). Specifically, you're looking for a prompt with a love heart in brackets near it, which will kick off the romance. Flings can be over within seconds or drawn out over a series of quests. Bear in mind it may take a few flirtatious retorts before you can access the romantic prompt. If you give NPCs the cold shoulder, they may rescind their advances. 

All the Assassin's Creed Valhalla romance options we know about so far


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Prerequisite: Build the Hunter's Shack in your Settlement

Once you've built your nest in England, you'll be tasked with finding supplies to construct buildings that provide services to Eivor's cabal. If you unlock the Hunting Cabin, you'll be able to speak to Petra about Legendary Animal hunts, but it will also open up a series of side quests. Play through them all and you'll get the option to romance Petra. This starts with taking her on an archery date, where you'll compete to shoot targets. It isn't clear if you gain any favour by letting her win or not, so tread carefully.


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Prerequisite: Liberate East Anglia

During the East Anglia questline, you'll come across Broder and Brothir, two devilish drengr who you'll take on in a fistfight at the start of the arc. By the end, you'll be friends with the duo, attending a wedding between the newly knighted King Oswald and his bride Valdis. 

During the festivities, if you go to the marker at the feast table you'll see Broder, who will proposition you for a bit of slap and tickle amid the nuptials. Say yes when he asks and you'll get to it pronto with the famous fade to black. Afterwards, you can refer to him as Broder or Brothir, depending on whether you want to hurt his pride or not.

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Prerequisite: Finish three pledges at the Alliance Map

Randvi is a trusted confidant of Eivor and the herald of the Alliance Map in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Here, she will let the player pledge to certain regions of England, kicking off lengthy arcs where the Vikings wrest control of the British Isles. 

Once you complete three of these pledge quests, you’ll be prompted to ask Randvi to take a break from the Alliance Map right at the war table, leading to a potential romance. The first of these missions is called ‘Taken for Granted’ where you take Randvi on a trip away from the settlement. Follow this questline to unlock the Randvi romance. 

This guide is a work in progress. When I find more romanceable drengr and Brits, I'll update this guide accordingly.