How to get the Thor gear in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

ac valhalla thor
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Looking for the AC Valhalla Thor gear? Everybody loves Thor, the god of thunder with the cool hammer. The thing is we regret to inform you that his armour is very difficult to find. However, fear not, dear reader, as though many trials lay ahead of you if you wish to unlock Mjolnir in Valhalla, we have all of the tips you need to push through and get Thor's full armor set. 

There are five special pieces of godly armor spread throughout the game, and you'll have to do everything from climbing through the far reaches of the tundra to assassinating an entire cult to unlock it. There's also a trio of tremendously difficult boss battles to complete if you want the full ensemble. In this guide, I'm going to show you the entire process, and propel you on your way to unlocking one of the coolest weapons and most powerful armor sets in the game. So strap in, fellow Vikings.

How to get the AC Valhalla Thor armor: All five pieces detailed


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The first three parts of the Thor armor set in Valhalla can be found as part of the Daughters of Lerion side quest. The first Daughter of Lerion, Goneril, can be found in Grantebridgescire, just north of the Isle of Ely Monastery. You'll know that you've found her when your screen turns grey. Goneril loves poison, so consider getting some poison-resistance skills before you fight her, and focus on breaking her stamina to finish the fight quickly.

You'll have to defeat her in combat if you want to collect the all-important daggers of Lerion's daughters, which you need to unlock Thor's Helmet later. For now though, once you best Goneril you'll get Thor's Breeches. His power pants, if you will.

Battle Plate

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The second Daughter of Lerion, Regan, can be found in East Anglia at Walsham Crag, pretty much directly east from where you fought Goneril. Regan is a more difficult battle than Goneril, asking you to deal with her duplicates and burning rings of fire. 

Make use of the skill ‘Brush With Death' from the Raven tree to slow down time after you dodge to deal damage before her double even hits Eivor. Just make sure you always account for that second attack and you should be right as rain. Once that's done, you'll get the second dagger and the torso piece of Thor's armour set, his Battle Plate.


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The final daughter of Lerion is called Cordelia, and she is a formidable fight indeed. You can find her east of Grantebridge, nestled in some Roman ruins at Berkelow Bog. You might want to do some training before you take her on, as she is operating at quite a tremendous power level. No shame in knocking down the difficulty in the settings menu though, if things get too tough. 

The ability you pick up in Norway called Rage of Helheim is super useful in this fight, as you can pin Cordelia down and keep smacking her with the LB/RB combo to deal uninterrupted damage to her health bar. When she retreats and starts firing lightning at you, dodge all the way through it and shoot arrows if you've got a fast bow. If your bow is more sluggish, just get in close and go to town.


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Once you've got all three daggers of Lerion, you want to stay in East Anglia and head south-west of Burgh Castle, which is on the coast. On the banks of the Yare River you'll find an underground opening. It's in a crypt building next to an abandoned church covered in the same markings you found with the Daughters of Lerion boss zones. Drop inside and move through until you find a statue with three dagger-shaped holes in its back. How curious! Insert your pointy tools and the statue will crumble away into a crypt covered in loot. At the back will be a chest with Thor's Helmet inside. Sorted!


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Now you've got the main pieces in the set, you'll have to look elsewhere to wrap it up. To get Thor's Cape you'll need to give every single Order of the Ancients medallion to Hytham at the Hidden Ones' Bureau in your Ravensthorpe settlement. You can unlock the ‘Order' screen by constructing the bureau with Raw Materials and Supplies. This part of the set will likely take quite a while to collect, but once you've assassinated every single cult member, head back to Hytham and claim your cape.


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AC Valhalla Mjolnir: How to find Thor's hammer

Once you've got every piece from the set you should return to Norway and visit the Hordafylke region. Here you'll have to head into the mountains to find Mjolnir, which is nestled away in the far reaches of the tundra. You'll have to wear every piece from the set, but once you're in your full Thor cosplay, you'll be able to pick it up. The mythical hammer deals extra stun damage to enemies that are close to Eivor when they use it. The full Thor's Set also increases speed when stunning an enemy, and provides an additional increase to your stun stat.