Transform into a werewolf to satisfy your sweetheart in the fantastic Full Moon Rising

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Destroy The Porn creators The Drunk Devs have sobered themselves up long enough to release another free game, in this case the wonderful platformer Full Moon Rising, which involves a gentleman's attempts to transform into his werewolf alter-ego to please his lady love. It's a dirty, hilarious, and rather tricky adventure, and one that surprises until the very end. (Clue: you get to be the wolf.) Download it for free here, then play it immediately because, well, what else do you have to do today?

Play a game of Where Wolf with the ace, free, positively beastly Lykan

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Lykan is a bit like Sleepy Hollow, only with a werewolf instead of a Headless Horseman, and with a Depp rating of a reassuring 0.0. It's also quite a lot like the disappointing Red Riding Hood film of 2011, which was pretty much a lycanthrope whodunnit. You're a werewolf hunter in a very purple Victorian town, and your job is to root out the beast - naturally, by firing a crossbow at it - while trying not to harm any innocent civilians. As time goes on, the monster will begin to pick off the other citizens, leaving telltale corpses all over the cobbled streets.