Destiny 2: Where in the Dreaming City is Archie?

Destiny 2 Archie locations - Queen's court
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If you're wondering "Where in the Dreaming City is Archie?" you're likely trying to complete Destiny 2's new weekly dog discovery quest. Many of you might remember Archie as the robo-hound we found as a secret back in the Season of the Seraph. Well, as part of the Into the Light update, Archie has gone walkies across the system, and it's your job to track him down.

So far his adventures have taken him around the Tower, the Cosmodrome, the EDZ, and the Moon, but this week it's the Dreaming City's turn. These weekly quests disappear at each following reset, so if you want to complete them you should do it as soon as possible. All that said, here's where to find Archie on the Moon and the solution to each of his location-based riddles.

Where in the Dreaming City is Archie?

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As with previous weeks, to start this quest you need to head to Archie's usual location in the Tower Annex outside Ada-1's synthweave workshop. Activate the glowing pawprints and then talk to Ada. She'll direct you to Petra Venj in the Dreaming City where you can start the quest. 

Here's each riddle plus the location you need to go to find Archie's pawprints.

Archie wanted to check out the Blind Well… but Guardians were fighting something scary, so he decided to wait outside the door

Archie's first set of pawprints are just outside the blind well activity, accessible through the big archway in the east of the Divalian Mists area. Head through the entrance and follow the stairs up until you're just outside the main activity zone itself. You'll spot the pawprints before the stairs leading into the arena.

Archie heard about some mysterious bones that like to barter and, naturally, felt compelled to check them out 

For this second set of pawprints, you need to travel to the Harbinger's Seclude area you can get to via the big building in the north of Rheasilvia. Travel through the building until you come to the big hall with the techeun statue at the centre, then turn left, head to the edge of the room, and drop down to a small grassy area far below. 

Here you'll find another techeun statue and a cave entrance. Go through the cave—avoiding the portal inside—and you'll reach a pillared room with more techeun statues on the walls. At the back of the room, in two separate alcoves, you'll find a skull called Muninn and a skull called Huginn each resting on an altar. Archie's pawprints are located inbetween their alcoves on a slightly raised platform.

Archie felt like someone was playing a trick on him! He kept hearing the sound of a cat's purring permeating the Mists

The third pawprint location is in the Divalian Mists. In the north-east of the area you'll find a cliff face near to where the entrance to the Spine of Keres is. Drop down off the cliff to find a lower platform with a cave entrance. Make your way through the cave and you'll find Archie's pawprints near to where one of the Dreaming City's cats usually is.

Archie's last stop. He was hoping to say hello to the queen if she was around

For Archie's final location, you need to visit Mara Sov's throne room in the Spine of Keres area, accessible via a passage in the north-east of the Divalian Mists. Head through the entrance, along the cliff, and then carry on until an ogre boss spawns just before the big white observatory building. Defeat this boss to get an Offering to the Oracle which lets you gain access to Mara's throne room. 

Now, head inside the building, take the right hand staircase, and keep climbing until you spot the Techeun NPC to your left on the second balcony up. Present the offering at the console just next to her and wait for the planets to align, opening a portal. Jump through and you'll find Archie a little further on just next to Mara's throne.

Once you've offered "Pawsitive Reinforcement" to Archie, you can head back to Ada-1 in the Tower to get your ten Trophies of Bravery and an "Ahamkara Bone".

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