Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, one of my favorite recent CRPGs, is getting a monster farewell DLC in the style of Mass Effect 3's Citadel add-on

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Even with its hands full on Warhammer 40K CRPG Rogue Trader, Owlcat Games has found time to add a ton of substantial DLC to its 2021 RPG epic, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Now WotR is set to get its swan song on June 13 with A Dance of Masks, a massive new epilogue chapter to the main game.

WotR's DLCs have all been great, with the gaiden parallel campaign Through the Ashes and The Lord of Nothing being particular standouts, but A Dance of Masks is shaping up to be the most exciting of them all. It's a new chapter set months after the conclusion of the base campaign where you reunite with your companions for one last adventure, like if Baldur's Gate 3's playable epilogue was stretched out for multiple hours or Mass Effect 3's beloved Citadel add-on was set after the events of the game.

The expansion promises:

  • "A new adventure that will take you back to Kenabres and beyond, including a new enemy’s stronghold
  • Personal events for every companion — we’ve seen them fight, now it’s time to watch them have a day off
  • A new romantic event with every romanceable companion
  • An otherworldly arena where players can test their mettle against some truly mythic enemies
  • 11 new character archetypes and a new weapon with the ability to switch grip from one-handed to two-handed
  • Fully voiced dialogues"

I'm particularly keen to see how Owlcat handles all of this with the myriad possible world states WotR had to offer at the end of its campaign. This is a game where you could be an insufferably dorky freedom butterfly angel who everybody loves, a hive mind walking swarm of locusts worse than all of the game's antagonists, and pretty much anything in between. WotR already features a dizzyingly long Fallout-style modular epilogue slide show for the fates of everyone and everywhere in the entire game.

I've been meaning to replay it for some time, and the prospect of visiting a restored Kenabres is particularly exciting to me: WoTR's opening chapter in the destroyed city is one of my favorite RPG first acts ever⁠—I loved it so much I replayed it three times back to back just to nail all of its fiddly time sensitive quests. A Dance of Masks launches June 13, and is included in WotR's Season 2 DLC pass. 

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