Autodesk promo codes for December 2022


Do I need an Autodesk software subscription or can I buy it?

Unfortunately not, you can only access Autodesk’s collection of software with a valid subscription. Having a subscription does come with some added benefits however, you’ll get bonuses such as live support for any issues that you may have and product usage reporting. Once you’ve activated your subscription, you’ll be able to use your software offline for 30 days. After those 30 days, you’ll have to connect to the internet and reactivate your product. 

Are there free trials for Autodesk software?

Yes, Autodesk offers potential customers and users the chance to try the software out before committing to a subscription. Free software trials are available for a range of software including 3DS Max, Inventor, AutoCAD, Maya, and BIM 360. After your trial finishes, you’ll be able to turn your trial account into a full subscription account. For all the information about trials and accounts, head over to the Autodesk website.

Are there Autodesk sales?

Yes, Autodesk regularly holds sales and promotions on its suite of software. Previous special offers have included bundles of software that was cheaper than an individual subscription for each software.  

Can I get an Autodesk student discount?

Yes, you can. Autodesk goes one step further than a simple student discount, students and educators can apply for free subscriptions to selected Autodesk products. Head over to the education section of Autodesk’s website to learn more, create your account and confirm your student status. After you’ve verified your student status, you enjoy your free year’s subscription.  

Are there ways to save on an Autodesk plan?

Yes, there is a whole range of ways to save on Autodesk plans. The easiest way to save is to upgrade your monthly subscription to a three-year subscription. Just by committing to a longer-term subscription, you can save yourself up to a massive $240 a year.

Hints and tips

  • Take advantage of the free trials: The Autodesk free trials are perfect for ensuring the software is really what you need. If at the end of the software you decide it’s not for you, you can walk away completely free of charge and not out of pocket.
  • Longer-term plans: As previously mentioned, if you can commit to a longer-term subscription you’ll be making an easy saving of up to $240 a year. So if you know that you’re going to be a longtime and consistent user of Autodesk, it will be well worth opting for longer plans.
  • Save with friend referrals: When you refer a friend, colleague, or family member to Autodesk you can earn up to $250 split between the two of you. You’ll get a cool $175 for every referral that you make and the person you refer will be able to enjoy $75. So what more could you need to start spreading the word?
  • Look out for promotions: The easiest way to find ways to save is to check out Autodesk’s promotions page. Here you’ll find all of the latest deals and promotions whether it’s bundles or cheaper long-term subscriptions. 

How to use Autodesk promo codes

First, you’ll need to head over to Autodesk’s site and choose the software you’d like to purchase, choose the subscription and payment plan for you and then add it to your cart. Once you’ve signed into or created your account you’ll need to enter the coupon code into the box labeled ‘Promotion Code’. Once you’ve entered and applied the code, the discount should reduce your overall cost!