How to make good soup in Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor soup - a man is holding a cooking pot while frying pans on a stove are on fire
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Figuring out how to make good soup in Abiotic Factor can be challenging. Sure, this survival game is set in a research facility and you may be punching crates instead of trees, but that doesn't mean you can't throw things in a pot and see what concoction you can come up with. Discovering things for yourself is all part of the fun.  

While you might not think that making soup would be difficult, you'll end up with something pretty unpalatable unless you get the ingredients just right. In addition, you won't get any of the useful buffs that go hand in hand with good soup, so it's worthwhile figuring out the best combinations. With that in mind, here's how to make good soup, plus a few recipes to help you avoid any unnecessary waste.

How to make good soup 

You need to raise your cooking skill to level three or higher in order to make soup. If you choose to start as a Phytogenic Botanist, your cooking skill will already be at level two. Then you just need a cooking pot, water, and a stove to heat it all up.

There are many combinations you can use to make different soups, and a number of these provide handy buffs such as increasing XP gain for certain skills, or slowing down your hunger and thirst. Try to be somewhat sensible with your choice of ingredient though, as making bad soup can result in sickness and even death. 

Speaking of sickness and death, you've probably noticed that many of the "alien meats" are radioactive. These are fine in small quantities, but if you store them, or any other radioactive material near your other food, the radiation will spread and increase your exposure, which clearly isn't ideal.

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Here is a list of the good soups I've found so far:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Pest goulashPest, pest rump, saltThirst and hunger slowed
Bland pea soupPeas, saltSprint and sneak XP gain increased
Simple tomato soupSuper tomato, saltThirst and hunger slowed
Meaty stewPecarry chop, alien drumstick, pest rumpBlunt and sharp melee XP increased
Sugary slopDoznuts, Jowlers, SkipSlowed stamina drain but increased tiredness

All meat used should be raw rather than cooked. Just make sure it's not rotten or you will end up with a bad soup and a poorly tummy. 

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