Dean Hall: "If DICE wanted to kill Arma, all they'd need to do is release modding tools"

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Speaking at our PC Gaming World Congress last Friday, DayZ creator Dean Hall responded to an audience question about server-side games and what they mean for modding. Specifically, the question cited SimCity 4's modding community and what's happened with Maxis' always-online SimCity reboot, which can't support significant modding. Will the trend of developer-controlled servers mean an end to all mods?

DayZ mod patched to 1.7.7, adds viral zombies and more

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Dean "Rocket" Hall may be busy working on DayZ Standalone, but designated mod developer R4Z0R49 has been just as diligent with his work on the DayZ mod. Patch 1.7.7 is huge and makes for an almost unbearably long list of changes. Viral zombies, a silenced Makarov, and the zombie tackle from DayZ Standalone that debuted at E3 are some of the highlights.

Rocket: No DayZ standalone alpha release until at least June

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The last update for creator Dean "Rocket" Hall's standalone DayZ dug a lengthy gameplay video out from underneath a pile of bean cans, motorcycle helmets, and a lot of zeds. There are enough goodies in the fledgling survival title for an alpha, but Rocket's holding it back for at least three more months to polish up client-server performance.

DayZ creator Dean Hall hopes he implements "a lot of bad ideas" in the standalone version

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In an exchange on the DayZ subreddit, mod creator Dean "Rocket" Hall responded to concern over the idea of infections and defecation in the upcoming standalone version of DayZ by defending bad ideas. "I hope I implement alot of bad ideas," wrote Hall. "So that then, we know they are bad. Then we can remove them and move on."

DayZ standalone screenshots show interior building decor, loud tablecloth

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When the zombie apocalypse inevitably heaves into sight, it'll sweep through the structures of civilization with remarkable gentleness. That might explain why the quaint abodes in the latest batch of screenshots from DayZ's standalone metamorphosis appear largely unscathed, including the fully explorable interiors. Wait, houses with actual stuff inside of them?!

DayZ's Rocket wants standalone alpha in November

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DayZ mastermind Dean "Rocket" Hall already pledged his intention of releasing the standalone version of his hit open-world zombie-em-up "before the end of the year," but in an interview with VG247, he revealed his timeframe slimmed down to a potential November launch for the alpha.

DayZ hack fears due to "misinformed" dev overreaction, says mod creator

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A series of posts from members of the DayZ team have triggered fears of a potential security breach, as mentioned over on Kotaku. A Google groups email and forum post from team member, Tonic, warned that someone had managed to grab the devs' FTP details after accessing their email address, and had proceeded to upload bad data to the US file host. He declared that the culprit had been discovered and banned and the affected US file server closed.

But RPS note that the mod's creator, Rocket, has posted a different message. That one mentions only that forums had been vandalised, and states that the original Tonic messages were "misinformed" and had "overreacted" to the threat. Here's Rocket's take.

Rumour: DayZ creator instructed to work on mod full-time by Bohemia

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The creator of DayZ and Bohemia Interactive employee, Rocket, has been instructed by Bohemia to work on the mod full-time. That's according to an account of a fan who chatted with him at E3 earlier today, spotted by Craig over on the DayZ subreddit. The account says that Rocket believes that DayZ is "the first step towards Bohemia gearing up to make it into a full standalone game."