Hades 2's surprise early access release already has more stuff in it than the first game

Hades 2 characters Hecate and Melinoe with a moon in the background
(Image credit: Supergiant Games)

Hades 2 is finally out in early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store and its developer, Supergiant Games, says it's already more substantial than the first game.

“Hades 2 in early access already has more environments, foes, and fully-voiced characters than the full version of the original Hades game," the Hades 2 Steam page FAQ reads. "But it isn't complete, and key areas, characters, foes, narrative events, and systems are still to come."

Supergiant says it's been working on the roguelike action RPG for three years and wanted the game to be "far enough along that as many players as possible could have a good experience right away, yet not far enough along that it's too late in development for us to act on the feedback we receive."

That checks out from the 10 or so hours I've played of it. Aside from some unfinished art, Hades 2 looks and feels basically finished. There are multiple weapons and a big web of Greek gods and goddesses to borrow powers from in there already. And a killer soundtrack by Darren Korb, too. I'm still discovering new layers to the game, like how the power-up boons have elements now that unlock even more powerful abilities to help you chase down the Titan of Time as Melinoë.

Hades 2 on Steam Deck

Hades 2 character Melinoe with her arms raised facing the viewer

(Image credit: Supergiant Games)

Hades 2 is already verified on Steam Deck. If you played any of the first one, you'll know it's one of the best games on Valve's handheld PC.

While I don't think there's a reason to wait for the full release, Supergiant expects its early access period to last "at least through the end of 2024," which might mean we'll have the full thing early next year.

Hades 2's first major update "will take some months" to release, according to an in-game roadmap. Supergiant plans to add a new part of the Underworld to play through, the ability to customize the game's central hub, The Crossroads, and a new weapon.

Hades 2 is available in early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store right now.

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