Honkai: Star Rail Robin build—The best relics and Light Cones

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The best Robin build in Honkai: Star Rail is all about building attack for Penacony's pop star and prima donna. Like Luocha, Robin is a support character whose abilities scale with attack, meaning she can both deal a little damage and provide potent buffs to the entire party. Where she really shines is with her Vox Harmonique, Opus Harmonique ultimate, which causes her to enter the Concerto state.

As she belts out a song, every party member has their action advanced forward and receives a damage buff for a bout of musical murder. Robin also follows up their attacks with additional physical damage that scales with her attack as well. Add to this a skill that straight-up buffs partywide damage, and you have the most powerful support character since, well, version 2.0 with Sparkle. All that said, here's my favourite setup for Robin.

The best Robin build

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Robin is one of those slightly strange support characters who's also capable of dealing decent damage. Since the attack buff her ultimate provides to allies scales with her own attack, it's relatively simple to just build that stat, increasing the buff's potency as well as how hard Robin can hit. 

During her ultimate's Concerto state, she'll deal additional damage to enemies after allied attacks, also scaling with her own attack. It makes her a straightforward character to build, even if her kit's speed and energy regen does make some of the regular support character light cone and relic picks a bit pointless.

  • Light Cone: Flowing Nightglow or Memories of the Past

The best five-star light cone for Robin is her signature Flowing Nightglow. This cone is pretty cracked, granting one stack of Cantillation every time an ally attacks, with each stack buffing the wearer's energy regen by 3%, up to five stacks. When the wearer uses their ultimate, Cantillation is transformed into Cadenza, which increases the wearer's attack by 48% and the team's damage by 24% for one turn. 

If you're looking to save your jade for other characters, Bronya's But the Battle Isn't Over continues to be a solid harmony light cone, buffing energy regen and increasing damage for the next character who acts after Robin uses her partywide damage buff skill. If you already happen to have Ruan Mei's five-star, Past Self in the Mirror, this will also be an effective replacement, since it buffs allied damage when Robin uses her ultimate.

For four-star options, your best bet is Memories of the Past, which grants a little buff to break effect and regenerates four energy when the wearer attacks, since this'll help Robin use her powerful ult even more.

  • Relics: Musketeer of Wild Wheat (Two-pieces equipped), Prisoner in Deep Confinement (Two-piece equipped)

The two best relic sets for Robin are Musketeer of Wild Wheat and Prisoner in Deep Confinement, both of which provide a 12% attack boost for two-pieces. For a support character, I'd generally recommend a set like Messenger Traversing Hackerspace for its partywide speed boost when using an ultimate, but the problem here is that Robin's ultimate advances everyone's action forward, making that totally pointless. 

For stats, you'll want an attack bonus on the body and either attack or speed on the feet. I'd generally lean towards attack more than speed for Robin, just because she can't act while she's in her ultimate's Concerto state, making lots of speed a little pointless, and when it finishes her action is immediately advanced forward anyway. 

Robin should get a lot of energy regen from her light cone, Sequential Passage bonus ability, and her Tonal Resonance talent, meaning you can safely invest in attack without having to worry about it too much. You might also want to build some HP for survivability, considering her importance in supporting the rest of the party. 

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Relic stat priority
RelicPrimary stat
FeetAttack or speed
  • Planar Ornaments: Fleet of the Ageless (Two-pieces equipped)

Usually, I'd suggest Broken Keel for its partywide crit damage bonus, but it requires building effect res, and Robin is already immune to crowd control debuffs during her ultimate's Concerto state, limiting the value that stat would provide. You could still totally use it, but I'd recommend Fleet of the Ageless instead for its HP boost and partywide attack bonus, provided you get over 120 speed. It'll increase the potency of her ult buff and make her a tad tankier.

Stat-wise, you should try to get either an attack or physical damage bonus on the sphere, then either energy regen or attack on the rope. Personally, I'd lean towards attack on the rope, just because Robin gets so much energy regen through other sources, but there's no such thing as too many ultimates.

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Planar Ornament stat priority
RelicPrimary stat priority
Planar SphereAttack or physical damage
Link RopeAttack or energy regen

Robin abilities and Eidolons

Here are Robin's abilities, traces, and the Eidolons you can unlock by acquiring extra copies of her—thanks Honey Hunter for the info:

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Basic attackWingflip White Noise: Deals physical damage equal to 130% of Robin's attack to a single enemy.
SkillPinion's Aria: Increases damage dealt by all allies by 62.5% for three turns, reducing duration at the start of Robin's turn.
TalentTonal Resonance: Increases all allies' crit damage by 27.5% After an ally attacks targets Robin regenerates two energy.
UltimateVox Harmonique, Opus Harmonique: Robin enters Concerto and all allies immediately take action. While Concerto is active, all allies' attack is increased by 26.6% of Robin's attack plus 275. After every attack Robin also deals physical damage equal to 144% of her attack with a fixed crit rate of 100% and crit damage of 150%. Robin is immune to crowd control debuffs in Concerto, but can't take action until the state ends. A Concerto countdown will appear in the action bar indicating this.
Bonus abilityColoratura Cadenza: When the battle begins, Robin's action is advanced forward by 25%.
Bonus abilityImpromptu Flourish: While the Concerto state is active, the crit damage dealt when all allies launch follow-up attacks is increased by 25%.
Bonus abilitySequential Passage: When using her skill, Robin additionally generates five energy.
TechniqueOverture of Inebriation: Creates an AoE dimension that lasts 15 seconds. Enemies in the dimension will not attack Robin, but instead follow her. Beginning battle in this dimension means Robin regenerates five energy at the start of each wave.
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Land of SmilesWhile the Concerto state is active, all allies' all type resistance increases by 24%.
Afternoon Tea For TwoWhile the Concerto state is active, all allies' speed increases by 16%. Robin's talent's energy regeneration effect additionally increases by one.
Inverted TuningIncreases skill and ultimate level by two, up to a maximum of 15.
Raindrop KeyWhen using her ultimate Robin dispels crowd control debuffs from all allies. While Robin is in the Concerto state, increases the effect resistance of all allies by 50%.
Lonestar's LamentIncreases basic attack level by one, up to a maximum of ten, and talent level by two, up to a maximum of 15.
Moonless MidnightWhile the Concerto state is active, the crit damage cap of Robin's additional attacks caused by the ultimate increases by 450%. This effect can trigger up to eight times, with the trigger count resetting each time the ultimate is used.

Robin Ascension materials

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Here's what you'll need to ascend Robin, not including XP books:

  • 15 Dream Collection Components
  • 15 Dream Flow Valves
  • 15 Dream Making Engines
  • 65 IPC Work Permits
  • 300,000 credits (approx)

You can get Dream Collection Components—and the higher rarity valves and engines—by defeating Dreamjolt Troupe enemies in Penacony and through the A Startling Night Terror assignment. The best way I've found is doing the Penancy golden calyx, as you can farm up XP books and credits at the same time.

For the IPC Work Permits, these won't be available until version 2.2 launches. You'll have to head for the Stagnant Shadow: Clock Studios Theme Park in Penacony to grab them once it does. As for credits, you can always farm golden calyx to get what you need. 

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