online announces Galaxy, DRM-free online gaming platform

Cory Banks at today announced a new gaming platform, called GOG Galaxy, that will work as a client for the service's DRM-free libarry and will help connect players for online gaming. The news comes from this morning's CD Projekt RED & Summer Conference, where we also learned a release date for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The Flock trailer shows atmospheric asymmetrical online horror

Phil Savage at

This trailer for The Flock, an upcoming (deep breath) first person asymmetrical multiplayer indie horror, plays out in two parts. There's the first minute and a half, in which you're struck by a vague appreciation of something that looks atmospherically creepy in a non-specific way. Then there's the second half, as the developer explains the concept and, oh gods, it suddenly becomes extremely creepy in a very specific way.

Jupiter's Folly: free to play multiplayer strategy from the makers of Neptune's Pride

Tom Senior at

The creators of the terrific, slow burn backstabbing simulators Neptune's Pride and Blight of the Immortals have launched a new game. It's called Jupiter's Folly, a self styled "online strategy boardgame" that has a cluster of players fighting for the right to mine precious Crystal from bountiful planetoids. You can play for free in your browser, and pay later to unlock premium features, like more maps, new armies and the ability to create your own custom games.

Crap Shoot: ImagiNation

Richard Cobbett at

Richard Cobbett heads back in time to play with one of the first dedicated gaming networks, now reborn for a new generation to wander through its worlds and virtual arcades.

Once upon a time, there was a magic world called The Sierra Network - later renamed ImagiNation. Only available in the US (and even then, only if you had a lot of disposable income) it was one of the first dedicated gaming services in the world - a place to go, hang out, and play games like Chess and Red Baron with fellow pioneers. If you were lucky, you might have found Bill Gates at one of the tables. If you were even luckier, you might have found love in one of the social areas. For most people though, actually taking part was an impossible dream, with the closest they could get being to jiggle the pages of Sierra's official magazine until it looked like the screenshots were actually moving.

Years later, the dream is a reality. ImagiNation is back, and now anyone can play.