GOG adds DRM-free movies to its lineup, hopes Hollywood will join in

Andy Chalk at

GOG's hook, as we all know, is that the games it offers are all DRM-free. No logging into a service to prove your copy is legit or having to be connected to the internet to play; you just download it and do what you will. By all appearances it's been a pretty big success, and so now the gang from Warsaw is trying the same thing with movies.

Rumor: Doom movie reboot in the works

Dan Stapleton at

There's a rumor flying around that Universal Studios is shopping around for a script to resurrect Doom as a movie franchise, this time cashing in on the 3D craze.

It makes sense that with id working on Doom 4, parent company Bethesda Softworks would want to push for some increased brand awareness. However, the original 2005 Doom movie farce, which concluded with stars Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban settling their differences in a fist fight after never actually shooting anything with the BFG, didn't exactly leave anybody clamoring for another one - after all, Doom's "Oh no, space demons!" storyline was never much more than an excuse to circle-strafe and shoot rockets at ugly things. So I can't say I'm really looking forward to this. How about making that too-expensive BioShock movie instead? Or Mass Effect? Or Half-Life? Or Deus Ex? Hell, I'd rather see a Duke Nukem action parody film.

Anybody here more excited about this than I am?

Chris Nolan discusses Inception game

Rich McCormick at

Chris Nolan wants to go deeper. Deeper into the world of trans-media crossover intellectual properties, anyway, having seen his comments to a press conference for his film Inception in Rome.