QPad launches two high end headsets

Adam Oxford

Swedish peripherals manufacturer QPad has expanded its nascent line of headsets to include two models, the QH-85 and QH-90.

The two new kits sit alongside the QH-1339s, meaning the company has an impressively symmetrical three headsets, three keyboards and three mice on its books.

History, of course, has plenty of examples of gaming peripheral manufacturers branching out into headphones and getting it hideously wrong. The delicacies of good speaker design often elude companies with decades of expertise in the area and knowledge of what makes a good mouse isn't on the syllabus for most sound engineering courses. I am cautiously optimistic, though: QPad does have quite a good track record for quality - all of its keyboards feature Cherry MX switches, for example - and its press release is at least couched in the right language, emphasising hifi stereo abilities rather than multi-speaker surround or other nonsense.

You can't judge a headset by its specs, but at least there's nothing glaringly bad about the technical details so far released. Both headsets have 53mm drivers with 15-25,000Hz frequency response and a detachable mic. The key difference is that the QH-90s are a closed back design while the QH-85s are an open back one.

Both are priced at £84.99.

We'll be finding out whether they're worth that next issue.

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