Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X headphone review

It may not be a gaming headset but it's possibly still the best set of headphones for gaming.

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Our Verdict

The Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X is the best non-gaming headphone for gaming. With a great build, impeccable comfort, and outstanding audio, it's hard to fault


  • Incredible audio performance
  • Supremely comfortable
  • Handsome and solid construction
  • Works with just about anything


  • No detachable or in-line mic
  • Initial clamping is too tight

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The new DT 900 Pro X Studio headphones by Beyerdynamic is not a gaming headset. They don't have a mic, USB connectivity, fancy haptics, or even RGB. Actually, you're more likely to find them on an audio engineer who masters all the music and cues that are critical in games. However, the very same qualities that make the DT 900 Pro X perfect for long hours of critical listening, mixing, and mastering of audio are perfect when gaming.

Retailing for $299, the DT 900 Pro X might not seem like a good deal especially considering the lack of a microphone. Get past that though, and you get everything needed in a gaming headset. Let’s start with the build and comfort. These are extremely well-built headphones with a level of comfort that is hard to beat.

That’s largely thanks to the incredible velour earpads that are stinkin' cosy. Forget even lambskin leather, these pads wrap your ears with heavenly comfort. The huge circular pads completely cover the ears and fellow bespectacled gamers won't face any discomfort either. I don't know how long they'll last but thankfully, they are replaceable.

The spring steel headband has memory foam padding and keeps those muffs well clamped to your head which gives the excellent sound seal despite the open back nature. While you can hear your environment, it's not as transparent as something like my Drop PC38X. Initially, the clamping force was way too strong that I couldn’t comfortably wear them for longer than an hour. I had to manually stretch them out over a few days and now they're perfect for me.

Design-wise, Beyerdynamic keeps things clean, minimal and professional, looking nothing like gaming headsets but I'm all for that. The headphone comes only in black for now with light grey for the velour ear cushions. Compared to the MMX 100s, the DT 900 Pro X seems boring but somehow much more premium and posh. Even the gold plated, 3-pin mini-XLR stereo jack looks downright ostentatious and so does the bundled carry bag.

Beyer includes two different cable lengths cables; 3m and a shorter 1.8m for console gamepads, Nintendo Switch. or smart devices. These cables didn't make any noise, which was something that was present on the MMX 100. The low power requirement of 48 ohms allows you to use the DT 900 Pro X on almost anything without needing an amplifier too.

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Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X specs

Type: Dynamic, open-back
Frequency response: 5–40,000Hz
Drivers: STELLAR.45
Nominal impedance:  48Ω
Connectivity: 3.5mm gold-plated mini-XLR
Weight: 345g
Price: $‌279 | £209 | AU$369

So yes, you're looking at a premium, sturdily built set of cans offering supreme all-day comfort but how do they sound? In a word, phenomenal. I don’t mean to get all hyperbolic but these are without a doubt the best headphones I’ve ever used and trust me, I've used a lot.

As an open-back style headset, the DT 900 Pro X surprised me with how punchy the audio is unlike the somewhat anaemic, airy audio I've experienced in other open backs. The STELLAR.45 driver employed here is perfectly tuned for a flat profile that slaps whatever you're listening to. From classical sonnets to Snoop Dogg bass hits, nothing sounded bad.

Forget your typical bloated gamer bass. The DT 900 Pro X is almost surgical in precision allowing me to hear layers of bass that hits just right without ever dominating and muddying the equally sharp highs. Beyer really wasn’t kidding when they said these cans are for critical listening. You hear everything.

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I've only recently started playing the exceptional Ghost of Tsushima and these headphones bring the game world to life in a way that's just hard to describe. From the Samurai inspired soundtrack to the guttural sounds of a dying Mongol to the gentle sounds of wind chimes moving in the wind. You hear everything with a level of clarity and liveliness better than any set of headphones I’ve ever used.

Being open-back, the audio has room to breathe giving it a more natural sound that has you stopping to check if what you're hearing is in the game or the real world. Listening to the sounds of rushing streams, birds chirping, and oh boy, the guiding winds blowing through the gorgeous forests and fields truly made me feel like I was in the world.

Turning to competitive shooters like CoD Warzone and Apex Legends, the impressive clarity and fantastic audio positioning make it easy to identify the location and relative distance of opponents. Every bullet sings and whines, explosions boom and shake and environments come to life.

Music listening across genres has been such a delight. From Hip Hop to classical symphonies to hard rock, music is a pleasure to listen to on the DT 900 Pro X. The sound is so well balanced that nothing ever feels out of place. I know I’m gushing but I am truly impressed.

With all the qualities mentioned above, it goes without saying that if you are into content creation, the DT 900 Pro X will help you create the most accurate audio for your audience. Since a lot of us are now dabbling in some form of creation be it streaming, podcasting or YouTube, these are a no brainer. 

As good as these are for gaming, they aren’t a gaming headset so you forgo a microphone that you’d need for game chat. A standalone mic is a better option anyway. It’s definitely not a complete package but I dare say the trade-off for the exceptional audio performance, all-day comfort, and build is well worth it. In fact, it's a steal.

The Verdict
Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X

The Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X is the best non-gaming headphone for gaming. With a great build, impeccable comfort, and outstanding audio, it's hard to fault

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